Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just Busy

Sorry it's been so long ! I have been extremely busy with what life throws at you.

I am having surgery in a couple weeks. I can't take the pain anymore. So my GYN is going in and lazering the Endometriosis. I am in a lot of pain and not much energy.

I have really big news in my family. Remember the post about my father last July. Well he has been asked to be the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. Our Governor called and he accepted with great honor. He will be leaving his postion as the Baltimore County Police Chief.

He has really worked hard in his life and this is a honorable acheivement. We are jumping for joy in our house.

If you already don't know I adore my father. He is a awesome father,husband and Grandfather.

Good job Dad!!! we love you.

The girls are keeping me busy. I will do some updates as soon as I can. For now I wanted you all to know about my Dad.