Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Loving Those My Girls And Other Things

Gracie did 2 of the sweetest and smart things of a 2 year old.
1. I was reorganizing the books shelf in the entertainment system. So I went upstairs to find more books. I couldn't find this one book. It was important to me because this book is my favorite and Hannah's. So I gave her the description. "It has a mouse with a big strawberry on it with green leaves". So Gracie was sitting on my bed and she started to get down. "I be back okay" 5 seconds later she came back up and said"ear it is"(Gracie talk). I could not believe it she found the book. I was just baffled. I have never read this book to her and she found it.

2. So tonight I am doing the nightly routine. Books, bottle and change diapers. About 10 minutes later Gracie comes to me and says"I ready for crib " That's her sign that she is really ready. So we go in the family room and say our I love you's. So I said to Gracie"say I love you to Hannah" She points right at Hannah and says "hug". I looked over at my husband and he had the biggest smile. Could she melt my heart anymore. I just thought that was so sweet. She and Hannah were playing so well together today. I got a lot done tonight because of them being very occupied.

Remember I told you about my kitchen table that I am in love with? Well lately I am really working on my kitchen.I am trying to make it all flow together. My parents agreed I need new floors. That has been on the list forever. I just got new curtains to flow with the table. That was major luck let me tell ya. I am going with less is more. So tonight I got a call that my new Baker's rack was being delivered. It is so beautiful!!!!!! So 2 other things have been removed from my kitchen. My biggest dilemma is what color to paint my kitchen. Which I think that will really make the kitchen better.
These are the colors of my curtain. Country blue, forest green,yellow. What do you think?
Erin I really want your opinion on this one. Everybody else please help. me.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Over The Hill And Other Stories!!

Well yesterday my darling husband Dean turned 40. The girls and I made sure we gave him a proper celebration.
I surprised him with 2 dozen crabs and corn. We sat out back on our patio and went to town. These crabs were so good. It was just lumps of crab meat. We ended the night with Rita's Italian Ice.

The girl's are doing awesome. I know I haven't written about them. There is so much to tell. I really need to start taking notes before I blog.

Hannah is excited about the 4 year old program and 3 days a week. She will be back with all her friends. I also signed her up for Sunday school. She will be with some of her friends from school as well.I am really looking forward to this because I need to start going to church every weekend.

I am realizing that the girls are at the age of real routine. I kick myself every Sunday because I am prolonging the routine.

Gracie is just pistol!!! She is talking nonstop in sentences. She asks why about everything. She has taken much interest in the potty. She has no interest in sleeping in a big girl bed with Hannah. So it's still the crib for right now.

Right before I had surgery we got them a huge pool. It was a practical buy. They have really gotten their money's worth from the pool. Dean would take them out there and they would swim for hours. Then they took great naps. So that gave Dean some down time.

I have to mention my awesome neighbors. We really have great one. This has made living in the community a nice experience. We all help each other. Our one neighbor has a little girl. C is always playing with Hannah when their home. Our other neighbors have 3 dogs and Hannah and Gracie are in love. When we all get together it's so fun. Last night we sat outside and talked from 12:00am to 3:am. I couldn't believe it. CA said next weekend it will involve alcohol. Sounds great to me.

CA and CH are just wonderful people. I love having them as neighbors. They even trust us to let their Minne doxin hang out at our house. Bailey their dog has Hannah's heart.

It was funny last night when we were eating crabs Bailey dog snuck through the fence twice to come play. So today I called CA and CH to see if Bailey dog could come over for a little bit. The girls had a ball. I saw another side of my husband. Just dogs are not in the picuture right now.

Oh ,I have to tell you about Gracie I forgot. Were in Old Navy the other night . Gracie walked up to this lady with a huge butt. Gracie patted her on the butt and said "big buuttt",in her little 2 year old voice. I was so embarrassed. I couldn't believe it.

Well this was a lot. I hope you enjoyed my boring and sometimes exciting life.

Hope you all are well. Remember to comment I love it.