Friday, November 28, 2008

My Little Turkey's

Thanksgiving was a great day. We all ate plenty of turkey and fixings. Hannah and Gracie had a great time.

Dean and I enjoyed being with his family. Dean even got to eat a good meal.

It was a good meal and I am glad to be home.

Oh, I am already addicted to face book. Looks like house work won't get done on time.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Power Of Prayer

So you all know that my husband is having a large part of his colon removed. This is really serious stuff. The diseased part of his colon is so bad that it needs to be removed ASAP. The surgeon wanted to wait for the colon to calm down and not be inflamed. So his surgery is December 8th right before Christmas. I am looking forward to a quiet day at home.

Dean is doing really well through all this. He's more affecionate and communicate's more. I really like this part because we have gotten a lot closer. We hold hands more and I get more hugs.

My mom's brother and my favorite uncle. He told me once at a wedding this time in our marriage is the hardest. With the girls being so small and all the ups and downs. I have to truely say out of all of this Dean's sickness has been a test from God.It's been really hard on me to try to explain why his parents and sisters haven't called or stopped by to see him. It's hard on me not to pick up the phone and yell. The selfishness makes me crazy but biting my lip seems to do the trick.

So Friday night I arranged to have prayer group at my house. I invited our friend Father G. My 3 closet girlfriends and their kids. All 3 of them have kids the same age as Hannah and Gracie. I had a babysitter take the kids to the playroom in our house. The adults ate then we prayed.

I felt God's presence so much that I know he is doing amazing things for Dean. It was a wonderful night and I am so glad we did it. The other amazing part was we all agreed to start Friday night prayer group.I really am very excited about this. Prayer is a major part of my life. I give so much of my thoughts and pain and hurt to God. I know that he takes it and works to make me better. I am really working on forgiveness because I can't let it consume me. I have high standards on family because my family is so large. You have to be there for your family. I just have to get over that some people don't think the way I do. If someone is sick or in a crisis I call them or email them so they know I am here if they need me.

So please pray for Dean and his 3 favorite girls. We can get through this but prayer is a wonderful thing.

Everybody have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Little Ball Of Energy

Gracie started Terrific Tots tonight. This class is something I have been wanting to do with her for a long time. She had a great time. She smiled and laughed the whole time. Most important which I was worried she listened to Mrs.Barb the majority of the time.

I had a lot of fun also watching her. Also my best friend Jen was there with her little boy. J is the same age as Gracie. Jen's oldest C is in preschool with Hannah. Our husband's get along great also. We do alot of outings with them. Jen has been a really wonderful friend to me. So doing extra activities with her and the kids makes the week happier.

Gracie is just a amazing 2 year old. I wish I could freeze time and make her stay 2. She has brought such joy to my life. She is such a mommy's girl.

I was reading to Hannah and Gracie tonight before bed. Gracie looks up at me and says,"I love you mommy". I just hugged her and stayed in the moment. She such a sweet little girl. I really am blessed that Hannah and Gracie are loving little girls.

When we were leaving tonight,Hannah was upset that she could not go. Gracie hugged and kissed her and said,"I be back soon Hannah,I love you". They really miss each other when they are separated. It started at a young age. They are really good buddies. I tell them that they are luck to have each other. I tell them also that they should not forget how blessed they are.It's those times that I realize that I am doing a good job with them. Mostly they are good girls with big hearts.I thank God every day for them and the lessons they are teaching me.

I will post pictures next week.

What lessons are you learning from being a mother? Please comment

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Major Happenings Going On In Our House!


Hannah is Starting Hip Hop dance class this Monday. She has a lot of potential and lots of energy. I think she will do awesome. I have been holding off because her asthma has flared up too much lately.

She loves school very much. Hannah has a wonderful teacher. Hannah has a new friend. Seeing them together you would think they had known each other forever. "A" is a sweet outgoing little girl. She is very loving and adores Hannah. They play a lot together outside of school. In fact her friend lives 3 streets up from us. "A's" little sister,"S" is the same age as Gracie. They also play wonderfully well together also.

Hannah is really struggling with asthma right now. Today she was put on Zithromax for bronchitis. She is on allegra,singulair,pulmicort,albuterol,and flonase. That's a lot of meds for a 4&1/2 year old. She handles it really well.

We have been reading chapter books lately. We finished "Boxcar Children and Charlotte's Web. She liked "Boxcar Children" the best. We are starting, The Tales of Uncle Remus. I really she will enjoy them a lot.

Hannah is such a mommy's girl. She loves to cuddle with me during nap time. Or me just holding her makes her day.

The very best thing that Hannah has accomplished this year. She is sleeping in her bed. No waking up in the middle of the night to sleep with us. She does not give me a hard time about going to bed. Let me tell you I never thought we would ever get there.Yeah Hannah!!!!!!!


Gracie is a sweet little girl. She is also a mommy's girl. She is talking so well. She sings so much because it takes no time for her to learn a song. She told me the other night after she kissed Hannah good night. "I happy cause Hannah luff me". How sweet is that?

Gracie for some odd reason loves the movie Camp Rock. I don't know how that got started but we have to watch it every day. Also she loves the show Zack and Cody on the Disney Channel. She is such a good girl. I am so blessed to have a easy toddler.

My Life

Well my life is at the craziest ever. I am still dealing with a lot of pain issues. Dr.M is really doing a great job. He as me on a bunch of different meds to help. There is talk of another surgery. Just not right now.

The worst of all my husband is really sick. It is just horrible. The beginning of October he was admitted to the hospital for perforations of the colon. Not even a week after being discharged he is admitted again for a abscess behind his bladder and colon. He is in a lot of pain. I am not talking about ouch this hurts. I mean curled up in a ball and can't walk. The man is miserable and hating life. Dean has a great surgeon. In fact I have known her for a while. He is in great hands and at a great hospital. In December he will have the diseased part of his colon removed. So please keep him in your prayers.

We plan not to travel this Christmas. Which I am happy about. For the last 6 years all we do is travel to 6 different family members houses. So this year I am going to cook with the girls and take care of the "daddy man".

So that's a little update. I really will try to write more.