Thursday, July 03, 2008

Today Is Another Day!

So today I did one errand and came home. Being out for 1 hour I was in complete pain. I really needed to buy a new hair dryer because mine died. I also needed to go to the bank. I came home took some pain medicine and went to bed.

The last 2 nights I have been spoiled by my to girlfriends bringing us dinner. Jean and Jen mad 2 delicious meals and I was stuffed at the end.Besides the fact that I love them our kids get along great.

I forgot to write that I got a new kitchen table. It's oak with green tile in the table. Oh, I love this table so much. I am redoing my kitchen in this color. I will take pictures and post them when I am done. Our neighbors 2 doors down moved and gave us the table.It's not even 2 years old and it's so beautiful.

I hope you all have a nice 4th of July. Stay safe and always thankful.