Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Freaking Pumpkin Farm!!!

Hannah had her first field trip ever. We went to a Pumpkin farm. It was actually a great day.

Dean dropped off the hurricane Gracie off. Hannah and I loaded up and met all the mother's and kids from her class. My friend Rachel who just has a heart of gold and lots of fun drove us.

Allison and Hannah held hands cause their buddies. They played on the swing set with the other classmates. Then we got on the wagon for a fun hay ride. They took us back to the pumpkin field and red us a story. Then picked our pumpkins and some gourds. Got back and headed back. Then we had refreshments and played some more. It was a great time.

Hannah slept for 4 hours when we got home.

I really haven't mentioned this. I have made some pretty awesome friends from her school. There are some awesome women in that group and a few of them have become my good friends. I mean good when I say we help each other with our kids. We walk the trail a lot during the week. Rachael that I mentioned earlier had us over during school so the little one's could play. The cool thing is we have 3 year olds in the same class. Then we have 1 year olds and they play well together.

I made another great friend named Jen. We really have the same things in common. She has a great heart and very upbeat. Her 1 year old is so cute too. Jason and Gracie play really well together. In fact they saw each other and gave a big hug and then held hands.

Rachael bought coffee the other day because I forgot my wallet. She invited us to her house to play. So I took Jason and Gracie to her house. She walked Travis and I out the 2 little ones in the double. We took a long walk and talked the whole time. It was really a great time.

I am really blessed to have met these moms. They have been so much fun. I think life is so much easier when you can talk about life,marriage and kids to other people. I love that they have excepted me the way that I am. I really look forward to Tues,and Thurs. Hannah does great in school and I get mommy time with Gracie and other Mom's and their kids.

So Rachael and Jen if you are reading this and I know you are. Thank you for making this transition easy. I am have a great time with my 3 hours of freedom from a 3 year old.

Gosh I love preschool!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sunday's sermon was on being thankful always. It got really thinking the last 2 days. So here is my post on being thankful.

I am a daughter that is thankful for having 2 awesome parents. They never say no to me. They are always there for me and my girls. I am thankful because they have they have taught me a lot.

I am a sister to a brother and a older sister. We are unique in our personalities that define us. I am thankful because no matter what I can call on them and they are there.

I am a loyal friend. I thankful for the friends that God has put in my life. He has blessed me with such great people that love me for who I am.

I am a wife to the most wonderful man. I found my prince that loves me for everything that I am and I do. I am thankful because he has made me a better person.

I most thankful for being a mother. My children are my life and my heart. I do everything everyday for them. I laugh and cry daily because God me them. They are beautiful girls. I pray that they don't loose their way in life. That they always keep their eye on the cross. Always follow God's plan and love him forever.

So I feel better now. Being Thankful is such a great gift.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Need A Reminder To Blog

I am really busy lately. I know it's been a month I hardly have time to eat latley.
So here's life in bullets

doing great in school-loves it
got a playset in our back yard
follows me everywhere
become an expert in back talk
no potty training
her new best friend is Cameron our neighbor

her vocab is so much better
so damm cute that girl
mastered the slide outback
becoming a mama's girl
the comic of the family
loves to take walks just with me
loves to hold my hand

busy teaching religion
busy with work
busy with Hannah's school
busy with the girl's
busy on tuesday's and thursday's doing stuff with the mother's from Hannah school while Hannah is in school.
looking forward to nap time
having a 89th birthday party for my Nan at the Maryland zoo
loving every part of my life
Did I mention I love my Hannah and Gracie. They Rock!!!!!!