Friday, December 29, 2006

Me having fun!!! I also got to have adult conversation.


This is my cousin Leeann up from Houston Texas. She came to represent part of our family. She and I had fun drinking and dancing. Loved being with her. Hate seeing her go back to Texas. So I guess I should plan a trip to Texas.

My cousin's wedding what a great time!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just A Thought!

Does Anybody watch Criminal Minds on Wednesday Nights? Mandy Patinkin is the main star of the show.

I have this complete crush on him. I have seen him in concert 5 times. I have all his music.

So this is my question. Is it wrong that I got jealous when he was kissing a women on the show last night. I got really upset. Just wondering. I have dreams of him and I singing on stage to the song "One Small Voice". I heart Mandy Patinkin.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What's Gracie Doing Now That She Is One?

She is walking and non stop. My dad calls her Frankenstein because of the way she walks. I think she is very adorable.

Gracie says all the time "Da da da da da" sometimes it's "hi dada".

She waves hi

Loves fish sticks thanks to my awesome friend Donna who had us for dinner last week. Gracie loved them I think she swallowed them whole.

She pushes Hannah away to get to me.

Loves to climb on her cousin Tiernan she laughs so hard.

She loves Tang Juice.

Gracie plays very well by herself. She got a lot of new toys for Christmas and she is having so much fun.

Ask Gracie what a kitty cat says she will say her version of "meow". It's so funny.

Gracie will walk up to you and give you a hug. Oh and she waves too.

Thinks Hannah is the best.

Gosh I love that baby

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Birthday MaryGrace!!!!!

MaryGrace Happy 1st Birthday!! We love you so much

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Post That Makes Me Sound Like A B*%^*

Dear stupid people at the mall,

All I have to say is Gracie was dressed in pink and red. She had a pink pacifier and
pink blanket. So please explain it to me why people said she was a cute little boy. Does Gracie look like a boy to you? Cause last time I checked she resembles a girl.If you think differently than that's fine. Just don't get offended when I give a glare and walk away.

Thank You,

The Offended Mommy

at least 10 people came up to Gracie and said what a cute little boy I'm not happy.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's Just Going To Be One Of Those Day's

My morning started at 6:30 am when Gracie decided she was ready to be up for the day. Hannah who was woken up from Gracie had a meltdown. Hannah went back to sleep,thank God. Okay that's the first part of my morning.

I got ready for work did the usual hair,makeup,stressed. As I was coming down the stairs I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs. I am not kidding I really did. I am 29 years old I thought I was over the falling down the stairs. Dean yelled whoa!! and scared the crap out of Gracie.

So now I am in a lot of pain and can't wait to go home. If Ibuprofen doesn't work I'm hit'n the hard stuff.

Good Grief!!!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas And Sweet Girls

That was a really hard picture to take-on the steps!!
I love when Gracie does that!!
My best Friend and Hannah's Mimi and namesake.
Here are pictures from the last few days!
My beautiful Christmas Tree.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Whole Lotta Stuff Part 2

Where have I been? Going Crazy that's where.

Both girls have ear infections in their left ear. It was very traumatic for both girls. Gracie screamed bloody murder as the doctor cleaned her ear out. Hannah started crying because Gracie was so upset. I smiled only because Hannah is so protective of her sister.

Then they irrigated Hannah's ear. She stopped crying after she realized it did not hurt.

Work is getting really busy because of the cold and flu season.

Hannah is just getting so independent. She can put her coat on by herself. She is also very helpful around the house.

Gracie is mastering climbing the stairs. She likes to climb the stairs when I am not looking. She shakes her head "no" when I find her.

Hannah ,Gracie and I got to have dinner with my mom last night. My dad was working really late. We had so much fun with her. She is such a good mom and Memom. We love her so much.

Do you know that this post has taken me 3 hours to write. I am so busy at work I am writing in between patients.

So I guess I should go.

I will post some pictures soon promise.

Thursday night Hannah Gracie and I are going to see the Nutcracker. My two nephews are in the play. This should be entertaining.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Crazy Gracie And Hannah

Bucket head

Nothing like pots and pans. We call her Bucket Head

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's A Full House

We have two extra kids in our house!!!! Dean and I couldn't be happier.

Come to our house we'll feed you and leave spoiled.

My friend Carrie's mother is in the Hostpital so her kids are with us. I love it!!!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Thankful Monday

My father dropping by at my house to see me,Hannah and Gracie on his way home from a funeral. It was the highlight of my day.

Seeing Hannah and Gracie play together.

Hannah telling me "you so pretty mama".

Seeing my fathers face when I ordered sex on the beach mix drink Saturday night.Priceless

Sleeping in on Sunday!!

Gracie touching my face as she falls asleep in my arms.

To know that Gods plan is not always ours. I am okay with that.

For my bloggy and Maryland friends for being there for me this week.

Gracie seeing Dean and saying,"hi da da". I melt every time.

Curling up with Hannah in my bed and reading her a book.

What are you thankful for?