Monday, March 02, 2009

Sorry...really busy at The Redheaded Mommy House!!!

I will catch you up!!!
Hannah-my sweet sweet Hannah!!
Got glasses she looks so cool
gave up the binky at night...rewarded with a computer game. I am so proud of her.
Is doing great in school
Loves her friend Abby....they even talk on the phone.
She will be 5 in 2 weeks
Hannah has a quick sense of humor..she is very funny

Gracie Girl
so high strung...her way or no way
such a mama's girl
can give you the update on Barach Obama anytime
she has learned her letter's
she is so happy
loves her blankie so much
she asked Hannah"Hannah when you get home from gool(school) you give me hug okay". How sweet is she?
Gracie like to read my magazines
loves playland at my gym
she is my cuddlier

Going back to work after a long recovery from surgery. I think he is excited to be there. He is awesome at his job and just wants to be active again. Such a good man!!!

I am doing fine!!! Nothing exciting to speak of. I think I am addicted to Facebook.
I have reconnected with my friend Emily. She is wild and crazy like me. I have missed her very much. We keep each other laughing and these days I need that. Emily has a beautiful little girl named Abby...Gracie calls her tiny weeny Abby. I am so glad they are in our lives.
So Emily if your reading this your stuck with me so there!!!!