Monday, December 15, 2008

Could Somebody Please Remove The Freaking Black Cloud Over My House!

The girls and I are sick. Hannah and Gracie have Bronchitis and I have a very bad case of Vertigo. It's like I am old or something. I only hear about vertigo with old people.
Dean's surgery was cancelled last Monday. He was admitted yet again for another abscess behind his bladder and bowel. The man was in so much pain. He could not move for days like 4 days. He had a drain in his stomach for 2 weeks that was just removed. The poor guy has to wait another 4 to 6 weeks for this surgery. No colonoscopy next time because they are sure this was the reason for abscess and inflammation.
Please pray that Dean can get to the surgery. Dean is miserable and grouchy.

Don't ask how I am because I might start crying. Taking care of my peoples in this house is just enough. Anything else might put me over the edge. Trust me I don't look good in orange and numbers across my front.

On the good side we went to the movies. It was awesome,we saw the new oo7 movie. The new James Bond is hot. The movie was worth 1hour and 45 minutes to watch D Craig beat and shoot people up.

That's All