Thursday, October 15, 2009

Germs And Cabin Fever!!!!

Well it was me last week,Bronchtisits and fever. Well since my mom taught me to share ,now the girls have it.

No school for Hannah all week. Fever on and off for both Hannah and Gracie. They have been at each others throat. Fighting and scream at each other. Dean was home yesterday,thank you Lord. I was sick of the fighting so I put my coat on and took a walk. I know they are going crazy being inside. We have a big playroom and lots of toys. There is a TV down there so they could watch whatever they wanted. Still everything was a battle. I was worn out and extremely irritated.

This morning has been OK. A couple of times I have sad ,"Do I need to put on my coat." "NO no mommy we will be good." Then they hug and say,"look we love each other,we're hugging.". Well let me tell you, that lasts 10 minutes.

So right now they are coloring nicely and watching Marley & Me. I am not going to comment on their behavior because I don't want to spoil it. I cherish these times very much.

Don't get me wrong I love these girls more then you could know. I just think I am going crazy from the lack of adult conversation. So if we get together and I yell I hate you and your not my friend. Don't worry I have been brainwashed by a 3 & 5 year old.

I will soon have a story about my grandmother so I look forward to posting it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Back!!

I miss blogging!!! So I am back to tell the tales of my girls.

I have been really busy,but I am hoping now I can write more. The girls are doing great. They are getting big. Hannah loves kindergarten, and Gracie loves preschool. It's been a learning experience for me. Seeing Gracie without Hannah has been hard on me. Gracie loves having me to herself. Still there is a sadness during the day. Lately though,I have to admit we are so busy that time flies during the day. So before I know it it's time to get Hannah off the bus.

I think now my favorite part of the day is when Hannah gets off the bus. Her smile brightens my heart. My cup runneth over when Hannah turns to Gracie and says,"Gracie tell me about your day". I realized that Hannah is turning into a thoughtful little girls. There are other things she does that are thoughtful. Her saying that really sticks out.

So I am back to the blog. I have missed you all. I will be updating as much as I can.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sorry...really busy at The Redheaded Mommy House!!!

I will catch you up!!!
Hannah-my sweet sweet Hannah!!
Got glasses she looks so cool
gave up the binky at night...rewarded with a computer game. I am so proud of her.
Is doing great in school
Loves her friend Abby....they even talk on the phone.
She will be 5 in 2 weeks
Hannah has a quick sense of humor..she is very funny

Gracie Girl
so high strung...her way or no way
such a mama's girl
can give you the update on Barach Obama anytime
she has learned her letter's
she is so happy
loves her blankie so much
she asked Hannah"Hannah when you get home from gool(school) you give me hug okay". How sweet is she?
Gracie like to read my magazines
loves playland at my gym
she is my cuddlier

Going back to work after a long recovery from surgery. I think he is excited to be there. He is awesome at his job and just wants to be active again. Such a good man!!!

I am doing fine!!! Nothing exciting to speak of. I think I am addicted to Facebook.
I have reconnected with my friend Emily. She is wild and crazy like me. I have missed her very much. We keep each other laughing and these days I need that. Emily has a beautiful little girl named Abby...Gracie calls her tiny weeny Abby. I am so glad they are in our lives.
So Emily if your reading this your stuck with me so there!!!!