Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just A Day

While some of you are writing about your first years of blogging. I will be saying goodbye to a job that I have loved for two years.The doors will be closing and we will say goodbye to all our customers. I have built a lot of good relationships in the two years of being here. I am sad today because tomorrow I will not get up and come to work. I am sad because tomorrow I will not do my morning routine of running around and trying to get to work on time. Tonight I will not lay my clothes out and pack the girls bags. I will miss this place I called my 2nd home. It has seen me through a lot; pregnancy,miscarriage, My kids first birthdays,my wedding anniversary and many other things. I will miss the two people that I worked day in day out with. Our daily conversations about lunch and whatever was going on in the world.

Tomorrow I will get up and start my day in my pajamas. Feed the girls their breakfast and get them dressed. The only major decsions will be where to go to lunch after Gracie's well visit. Oh, and the usual what's for dinner. I think I will enjoy my short time off with my kids.Hopefully I will find a job that I will like just as much. While I can I am going to have fun with my little girls. So if you don't here from me I will be knee deep playing with little people.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

About Me!!!!

Thanks to all my bloggy friends. Writing this is going to be fun.

1. How did I meet my Husband Dean?

I met him in a bar. We spotted each other from across the way. He came up to me we started to talk. I thought he was so sweet. He bought me a drink and we sat outside in the drizzle and talked for 2 hours. He remembered where I worked and after my rounds he brought me a bouquet of flowers. My grandfather had just died and he wanted to brighten my day. We have been together ever since and I love him more than words can say.

2. What is my dream vacation if I had all the resources?
When Dean and I got married we didn't go on a honeymoon. So my dream vacation would be somewhere warm with him. Where we could lay around and drink with no kids around. Reconnect as a married couple physically and emotionally. Maybe 1o days together would be my dream.

3. What would be my dream job?

I really love this question. I am really into baby gear and the safety and quality. I have done so much research on the safest and best products. I read about all recalls. I would love to start a business that would help first time mom's and dad's plan what they need. It's so overwhelming to go shopping and pick what you need. I would keep their registry on file with receipt's. Register their products to the company in case of recalls. Education is the most important when buying something. It's not about the trends or the cutsie stuff and mostly the cost. It is about the safety and durability of the product. Everything I own baby product wise has never had a recall. I have never worried about safety because I did the research.

I actually had a company ask me to be their consultant. It involved a lot of traveling and I just had Hannah. So it really wasn't the right timing.

Did you know the infant and toddler seats expire after 3 years. Check the exp. date. It is not safe to use anything after the 3 years. Only because of safety regulations.

4. What's the last movie I saw?
The last movie I saw in the Theater was "Ladder 49". The last movie on DVD was The "Devil Wears Prada" Great movie.

5. What do I do for a Living?
I work in Pharmacy retail. I miss the hostpital part. I would go back in a heartbeat.

6. Do I plan to have anymore children?
I would like 2 more babies. Dean and I are from big families. We thrive on chaos.

7. Tell us about your highschool boyfriend? (thanks Erin)

His name is Tom. We met on the bus in sophomore year. We were bestfriends and did everything together.He saw me through some crappy stuff. When you love someone and things don't workout you try and let go. All I ever wanted for him was to be happy. He is married to a awesome girl who rocks the universe.I am thrilled she is my friend. Tom is happy, at that in a nutshell is what I wanted 11 years ago when we brokeup.Tom is married to Erin -the blog known as Tale of a Baby Human. They really are perfect for each other.

8. My favorite adult beverage?

It depends on my mood. If I am out to dinner with my husband a glass of Pinot Grigio. If I am with a group of people "sex on the beach" on "Smirnoff Ice".

9. One thing I am good at?

Meeting people and being comfortable. My husband says people are drawn to me.

10. One thing I am bad at?

Being pregnant. I get so sick and end up in the hostpital a lot. I can't leave out I am a horrible housekeeper.

11. Bikini, brief, thong or commando? LOLSexy brief!!! Gotta be comfortable at all times.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Really, What Do You Want To Know?

I got this idea from Jamie. Five things you don't know about me. I am sure you all are at the edge of your seats. So I am thinking something different.

How about some things you want to know about me. Leave a question in the comment section and I will answer them all in one big post. I think it will be fun. Ask away!!!

This questionnaire will end Jan 17. So please participate. If you don't I will think nobody wants to know anything about me. Then I will feel like a looser. So please ask me something.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My New Lamp!!!!

My husband suprised me with a Tiffany Lamp. It's not going to stay in the middle of the room. I just wanted to show you all, my present. It matches the living room perfectly. It has made my week. It has been a not so great new year. I think he was trying to make me smile......and he did.

I have to go and kiss my husband now!!!!

Wait...... Do you like it?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thankful Sunday Cause Mondays Are To Busy!

1. for my friends being there for me this week.

2. Hannah's pediatrician she's just good.

3. My friend Mark for being a good friend. He also doesn't get bored with my kid stories.

4. My dad letting Hannah and I come see him at work even when he is busy.

5. My friend Donna and her husband Adam. They came over with their kids Jacob and Ava; Saturday night and it was great fun.

6. The way Gracie smiles when I walk in the door.

7. My husband just making me smile when I feel low. I love that man of mine.

8. Jamie for reminding me to be grateful for my friends.

9. For my parents who have been so helpful with my girls.

10. Thankful Hannah loving my favorite movie "Annie". She knows most of the words.

11. Thankful for God, he has a plan for me that makes me love and trust him more everyday.

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Sweet Sweet Hannah

Hannah has been watching a lot of Annie the Musical. She looks at me and says,"I love you Miss Hannigan". That's a bad sign right?

We were coming upstairs she was in front of me I paused for a minute she looks at me and says "come on Mommy you can do it".

Then yesterday she tried taking My friend Mark's credit card to go to Toys R'US. She even pointed to where the store was.

I love my Hannah Girl!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

100 Things About Me *revised edition*

1. I have red hair
2. I have blue eyes
3. I am 29 while I write this post.
4. I have a older brother and sister.
5. My mom and I look a lot alike.
6. Gracie looks just like me when I was a baby.
7. My background and career is pharmacy.
8. My favorite food is a cheesesteak sub with everything on it.
9. I met my husband at a bar.
10. I am not a big drinker.
11. I remember everybody's face and name.
12. I love perfume.
13. I love thunderstorms.
14. My husband says I am a good shopper.
15. I have 6 babystrollers.
16.My husband and I had our first date, got engaged,had our wedding rehearsal at the same place.
17.I drive a Black Ford Explorer.
18. I love my SUV
19. I used to teach aerobics.
20. Walking the girls in the double stroller is now my excercise.
21. I sang in the honors choir in highschool.
22. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 10th grade.
23. Since then I have had 5 surgeries and 2 babies.
24. Holding my husband's hand makes me feel better.
25. In 2 years we want to renew our wedding vowels.
26. I am very afraid of heights.
27. I love going to church............Alone.
28. My grandfather's death brought me back to the church.
29. I really want a black Labrador retriever.
30. Our wedding song is "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You".
31. The band that played at our wedding was playing the night we met.
32. My wedding was the best wedding I ever went to.
33. We never went on a honeymoon.
34. I've been to Ireland.
35. I have a Rosary from Pope John Paul II who gave it to Cardianl K he gave it to me so I would remember my faith.
35. Mary Grace is named after the Blessed Mother
36. Hannah's name came from the bible, read the story of Hannah and Samuel and you will understand.
37.I love shopping for baby stuff.
38.I make an awesome meatloaf.
39. Mandy Patinkin makes my heart melt.
40. My favorite TV show is Greys Anatomy.
41.I love taking naps.
42. I am a magazine junkie.
43. My girls make me smile after a long day.
44. I love to sit with my kids and play toys.
45. My favorite movie is "When A Man Loves A Women". I saw it in highschool I cried like a baby.
46. I got a baby bjorn carrier for $2.00 once at a yard sale never used.
47.I love my double stroller.
48. I worked once at a soup kitchen in highschool it made me sad I never went back.
49. I used to give speeches for various church groups on the power of prayer.
50. I met Bertice Berry once I had to pick her up at the Airport. She was a lot of fun to be with.
51. When I was a senior in highschool my father chaperoned a trip to NYC we had a great time. He new the place like the back of his hand.
52. When I was in highschool my father and I went to Hershey Park just the two of us. He taught me how to close my eyes and put my arms in the air for the roller coasters.
53. I can walk to Target from my house.
55. I love Target it's my happy place.
56. I love Chinese food.
57. I love to read.
58. I have great chilhood memories.
59. When I was in highschool my senior year we had a bomb threat.
60.I have done a lot of research on baby gear and other accessories.
61.I love love love Babies R Us.
62. My husband does an awesome taco night.
63. I love to make meatloaf.
65. I have a Dyson and love to vacuum.
66.I would like to have 2 more kids.
67.I am having a hard time thinking of other things about me.
68. SO I will stop.
* I am really trying to come up with more stuff about me.*
69. My friend MArk told me to continue 100 things about me.
70. I have a friend named Mark he knows too much about me. Actually he could write this list.
71.I am a good shopper.
72. I try to be a good friend.
73.I hate mice.
75. I love lipstick.
76 Giving Hannah and Gracie tubbies(bath time)love it.
77.The feeling when I lay down in bed after a long day.
78.I do not like to talk about politics.
79.I believe everybody should have healthcare.
80. I think electricity is a nesscity not a privalge.
81.I can get really irriatated with stupid people.
82.There is nothing like a good pair of pj's at night.
83.I love to sing in the car.
84.I hate running late.
85.I really have a problem with that.
86.I been to Ireland.
87. It is really green there.
88. Guiness tasted better there too.
89. I want 4 kids.
90. I love big familys
91. Christmas is my favorite holiday with my family.
92.My Hannah is the first girl born in 18 years on my side of the family.
93.Hey look I am at 93
94. I really can't wait for this list to be over.
95. I have just started to like coffee.
96. I really get awful migraines.
97. my husband thinks I'm pretty.
98. I make my husband smile.
99. Dean knows how to push my buttons.
100. This list was hard.

What A Day!!

On my way to Lunch at the Red Robin I called work to talk to my boss about something. So I found out today that the company I work for is shutting down their Pharmacy Department. So I amd out of a job in three weeks.
So I ask for your good thoughts and prayers that I soon find another job. I have some leads already so hopefully it will be alright.

I had lunch with a good friend today. Marc took me and Hannah to lunch. He cheered me up and it was a fun time. The Red Robin has the best burgers in the world. So thank you Mark for being there for me today. You always know what to say.

Hannah had another high fever. I thought it was her toe because she stubed it the other day. It was purple and didn't look good. So after lunch I took her to the Doctor and she has another ear infection. Yeah for me.

So I had a really great post about my New Year's hopes. I am now not in the mood. So maybe later.

Anyway I leave you with a picture of Hannah and Mark. He came for breakfast one morning for a church meeting. He is the reason I love youth ministry and want to teach. He is a great leader and friend. Mark thanks so much you rock!!!