Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday Tradition

Well it's Wednesday!!!! What does that mean you ask? My husband is working the night shift and I am off tommorrow.

It's seems that I am devloping a traditon at my house. Remember last Wednesday I had some girlfriends over for dinner. Well Anglea is coming over again tonight. She is bringing her baby. I am very excited about this . We are picking a carry out place and having it delivered. We are going to eat and watch a chic movie.Probably girl talk will be involved.

Hannah is at my mother and father's for a couple of days.I already miss her. I pick her up Thursday afternoon. My mom gives all her attention to Hannah and that is Hannah's cup of tea.My father is very excited to have her there.Last night my mom said that all three of them ate cake at 10:00. My mother proclaimed it's a party because Hannah is here. Hannah loves cake!!!! She calls it "pancakes".My mom sleeps in the "big bed" with Hannah. Hannah will have nothing to do with the crib.

My mom is a retired school teacher.It has really come in handy in Hannah's developmental years. Hannah sings her abc's; she can count; she loves to color.Her memory is amazing. Sometimes my dad will let her play in his office upstairs. She pretends that she is on the phone with somebody important. It's really funny how she pretend plays.

My mom will make a feast for her to eat consisting of blueberries,applesauce,brocolli,turkey and anything else she can find. My parents adore her and they are wonderful grandparents. We are very blessed to have them.

So when I get home my mother in-law will be watching Gracie. My MIL is just wonderful with her. She told me it's very quiet.Yeah but it's noisy at my parent's.
Hannah is just to with it for a 2 year old. When she starts talking she keeps going.Oh,I just love that Hannah.

So I am going home to cuddle with my Gracie.

Everybody have a good day!!!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


My husband and I met at a time when we both never expected it. We have so much in common that it just was amazing how well we got along. There was an immediate connection and and understanding of where this realtionship was going. We took everything slow and talked about every step of our relationship. I could talk to him about everything and he listened like he had all the time in the world.

I met his family and grew fond of everyone. He met my family and all the old ladies wanted to marry him. My nephews thought he was awesome. We quickly became inseperable when times would allow us. We soon new that this was it and began talking about the future. He and I both wanted children and he understood complications that I might have.He assured me that we would cross that bridge when we came to it.

On June 27th Dean took me to the place we had our first date. He professed how much his life had changed since he met me. He told me how much he loved me. He gave me a box when I opened it, it was a proclein trinket box. On the front it had the "Irish Blessing". One of my favorite blessings. When he opened the box there was a beautiful diamond ring.He then asked me to be his wife. I said, "yes". We had only had salads and wine at that point. There was so much excitment that we forgot to order our main meal. We both called our parents. My parents knew and were waiting for the call.

From there was a lot of excitment. We didn't waste any time,we started to make plans right away. We married six months later.Later that year we had Hannah.

He is the love of my life. We have had such a good time in the 3 1\2 years . We have made 2 beautiful children together. We have had a lot of laughs and a few tears. Everyday I thank God for sending him to me.

Dean, you are my best friend. Thank You for loving me when I am hard to be around. Thank You for asking me to be your wife. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are a excellent father with great patience. The girls are blessed to have you.Me too.

Happy "yes" day.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

If This Post Makes Any Sense

I just called my husband at work to check in with him. He is picking up the girls at his parents house. He asked me how I was feeling. I told him I am ready to fall over I am so tired. He said,"what happened last night." I said,"I woke up from a dead sleep to see Hannah staring at me." My husband laughed at me or with me I am not sure. Then he said,"I just know that she snuggled with me and I didn't move." I just rolled my eyes because you know he can't see me. So I proceeded to tell when he picks the girls up don't rush home. I am taking a nap as soon as I get home. Considering I live 1.5 miles away from work. I will be home in 5 minutes. Do you think he got the hint don't rush. I hope so because I really need a nap.Besides every mother deserves a nap when their kid's are waking up. I love my girls and I have missed a lot of naps in my day.

I know I am rambling about a nap I am just tired. Oh and it's thundering and lightning here so you can't do anything outside anyway. My mom would say find something to clean. Yeah okay I'll do that after I take my nap. Thank You very much.

Great the power just went out here. Oh I can't wait to get home. I really miss Hannah and Gracie. I can't wait to cuddle.

Dean, I know you are going to read this I love you. I just need a nap.

What do I do now?

I put Hannah to bed last night around 9:30. I read my book until 12:15. I turned out the light. I just want to state that Hannah has done really well with the toddler bed. She usually calls me if there is something wrong. She will come in our room around 8:00am and climbs in bed with us. Anyway I was in a deep sleep and I woke up at 2:00 am. Hannah was staring right at me. It scared me to death. I guess her diaper was wet and she was hungry.

So what do I do? Do I put the gate up in her room? Get a moniter so I can hear her if she wakes up. I am really upset about this. I feel like I havn't done enough to protect her. After I changed her diaper and gave her some milk. I put her back in her bed. She wouldn't let me leave. So she ended up sleeping with me and my husband. She loves being close to me and loves to cuddle with her daddy.I really hope this does not happen again. Only because I don't want anything to happen to her.

Any of you mommies out there have any advice? I will take it gladly.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Gracie Your Six Months

Dearest MaryGrace

Wow six months have gone so quickly. I remember so clearly when Mimi(mommy's friend) said that you had redhair. I couldn't believe it. They pulled you out and Memom said you looked just like me. I didn't get to hold you because they had to put me to sleep because I was in pain. When we got to our room you got to meet your big sister Hannah. She fell in love with you right away. She held you and said Hi Beasie. That was her name for you. Hannah didn't want to let you go. I didn't want them to take you to the nursery. I just wanted to hold you. You were the best Christmas present ever.
Having and Hannah and You was really hard the first week. Daddy was home the first week and he helped a lot. You got better at nursing and loved being close to me.
When you turned three weeks old we got the biggest scare. You had a fever and we had to take you to the hostpital. They did all kinds of tests and the worst was a spinal tap. Mommy and Daddy cried. Mimi was with us and she helped us through this. Mimi is a doctor and she explained everything. They put you on antibiotics to help your infection. Then Mommy and Daddy's friend Fr.Matt came and was ready to annoint you. We didn't what was going to happen. We took you home that night and you did okay. Then next morning we got a call the doctor said to take you back to the hostpital. I was so scared that I called Memom and told her to get on the phone and tell everybody to start praying. The scariest part was when the Nicu nurse said that if we hadn't brought you in when we did you might not be here. Daddy and I were so sad. You and I spent the night in the hostpital and they gave you antibiotics. It was just you and me and we really bonded. All I wanted to do was make you better.You did get better and we took you home. You cried a lot when you would wake up. That's when we discoverd you had reflux. I am so sorry it took so long. You were better the first night with the Zantac.
Now six months later you are the happiest baby I know. You always are smiling even when you are about to got to sleep. You wake up smiling and wiggling. You smile when Daddy or I come in the room. You have a bigger smile when Hannah comes in. You love to be held and talked to. You love to sleep in our bed and cuddle with me. You open your mouth really wide and give slobbery kisses.I think they are the best. You love your binky and your blankie. You take your binky out and stare at it.When your tired you put your blankie over your face and fall asleep. You sleep for hours in your swing. When you see your bottle when it's time to feed you get all excited. You belly laugh when Hannah and I dance in front of you. When daddy looks at you ,you get all excited and smile for him. There are so many things that you do I could go on and on. I love everything about you. You and Hannah have made my life so wonderful. Everyday is something new. I wish you wouldn't grow up so fast. I love you so much MaryGrace. Don't ever change.Just keep being you.

I'm Ready To Go Mommy!!!!

Hannah has a new thing she likes to do in the morning. She comes in our bedroom in the morning and says"Mommy I wake up Gracie". So then she goes into Gracie's room and talks to her until she wakes up. Gracie loves Hannah so much that Gracie starts giggling and screaming like a monkey. It's just so cute that they love each other so much.

My adorable husband got the girls dressed and fed them while I got ready for work. I'm telling you he is the best. Hannah needs me to brush her hair. I finish that and she proceeds to my dresser. She wants perfume. So I spray it on her and she is so proud. She says to me,"just like mommy". "Yes Hannah just like mommy". As I turn the fan off she says"I'm ready to go mommy". I laugh because she is so excited to play with her cousins today. Oliva is her cousin and she is 6 weeks younger than Hannah. Hannah calls her (ee-ah),if you understand that. Anyway she is going to be with her other cousins (Issie and Maddie) thats Lizzie and Maddie. She really loves them and is so excited. So she will play all day and there will be no nap.That's okay because she loves her cousins.

So I am at work and will be here all day. If there is anything exciting I will let you all know.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

So What Did I Do Today?

Well the energy bug put a bomb through my house. My husband says"lets go for a walk". What a wonderful way to start the day. Okay I said let's make it a long one. People it's hot here in this town. We did a mile and we were like what's for breakfast. So that was it we came home. My husband made breakfast ,he's the best. Hannah and I past out for 3 hours in my bed. The hubby had baby duty.

So now I am trying to write this post. Let me tell you what's going on in this house. My husband comes downstairs, can we get the the family room clean. Then I hear Hannah pooped in her diaper can you change it. Then Hannah comes up to me "mommy hold you". The only person in my house not giving me orders is my sweet little Gracie. I know she is only six months but she really is so sweet.

Gracie is my little clone. She has red hair like me and blue eyes. My mother says she looks exactly like my baby pictures. Not to pat myself on the back or anything but she is so cute.
Hannah looks just like my husband. Hannah even has his personality. Thank God it's laid back.Hannah is also very smart. You can't put anything past her.

So anyway I am done rambling. Everybody have a great day.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dinner With Toddlers

Well everybody left around 8:45pm. It was a fun night!!! No major problems, a little excitement but all the kids had fun. I had fun being with my girlfriends. The Chinese food was really good. Even though my husband is working late I ordered him dinner. He was really happy when I told him. I got the good wife award.

Hannah, my 2 year old had a great time. When I got home tonight there had been no nap. Yes internet no nap for a 2 year old. So after everybody left she fell asleep on my lap. When I carried her upstairs changed her diaper and put on the pj's. I covered her up,she closed her eyes. I thought to myself this is to easy. She didn't have her milk or story time. I shut the light off went downstairs. Not even a minute later I heard crying Mommy Mommy. I picked up Gracie and went upstairs. Guess who wanted to play......... yup that's right Ms. Hannah. So we turned on the music got our books ready. Gracie is to easy she just rolled around the floor and screamed like a monkey. Finally 45 minutes later she calmed down and is asleep. I sat and fed Gracie and put her in her crib. Everybody is asleep.Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what am I going to do now. Get in my bed and read. My favorite thing to do when husband isn't home and kids are sleeping.

I am off tommorrow so I get to sleep in. Ya right I have kids. I love being off because we play and cuddle all day. As Hannah would say,"yeah my mommie home with me." I just love my girls. So what are you doing on Thursday?

Hey Hon We Are Having People For Dinner!!!!!!!

Well my Husband is working late. So my two girlfriends are coming with their children. Oh, this is going to be fun!!! Three toddlers and two babies. Mass confusion in my house is my cup of tea. So we are ordering chinese. I am making maccaroni and cheese for the toddlers.

The funny part is all of our husbands are working late. So if anybody else's husband is working late. Come on over and bring your kids. It will be fun I promise. You can help me move furniture.(just kidding)