Friday, April 08, 2011


So a week ago today I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Then 2 days later I was admitted to the hospital. I am in extreme pain from the whole illness.

I missed my girls so much. I hated being away from them. Their smiles and their need to be on my lap or right next me. It fills me with such greatness. I hated hearing MG cry and say she wants me. I could hear Hannah try and be strong . I am so proud of them. My husband well he is the Gem of the year. He cooked and cleaned and did everything for the girls so they were comfortable. In the midst of all this going on he bought 3 new shirts so I was fresh when I came home form the hospital.

Now my husband is sick. So today I am taking him to the doctor. I really think he needs a antibiotic. He is drained and not feeling well. That could be a disaster if he does not see the doctor soon. He is always grateful when I take care of him.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Maybe I Am Back!!

Well,it has been a while and truthfully I miss the writing. I think I have a lot to say so . I am going to start gathering my thoughts and write more.

My girls are getting bigger and a lot more is going on . So I am sure I will have good story's to tell.

I also have been reading a lot lately.I am reading"Water For Elephants", Its a great book I can't wait to see the movie in April!!!

So more to write soon!!!!