Monday, July 31, 2006

Updates And Random Thoughts

I just want to thank everybody for you thoughts and prayers for my nephew and my Aunt Barb.

My nephew went in to have the procedure and they didn't have to do anything. They sent him home and didn't have to stay at the hostpital. I call that good medicine and the power of prayer.

My Aunt Barb not so great news. My beautiful cousin Kate called me with everything after the surgery. She was in recovery at that point. Kate said they found cancer in one of her lymphnodes. So she will have to do chemo. I am so sad about that. Kate seemed optimistic and so do the doctors. I talked to Barb yesterday and her spirits seemed very good. I just wanted to reach through the phone and hug her. So I think I am going to take the girls to see her on Thursday.

In other news

I had a great weekend off with the girls. Dean worked all weekend so we didn't get to see him much.

Sunday morning I did it we got to church on time and got a good seat. Then we went to the Grocery store. I was just there Friday,oh well. Breyers Ice cream came out with Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream. Lately I have been very good about what I eat. I couldn't resist this one. Go out and by some, damm it's good.

Hannah got in bed with me this morning. Okay, that is my favorite thing. She has her blankies and her binki and climbs in bed and sleeps for another 2 hours.
So my mother came to watch the girls this morning. She took Hannah home with her for a couple of days. Hannah loves her Memom and Terry,they have so much fun together. My mom was really excited to have her over. I already miss her a lot.

So Gracie will have my undvided attention for a while. Dean and I are going to watch a movie tonight. I am making a healthy salad so we can eat icecream. I know that doesn't sound right but I make the rules in this house.

So that is it here in Mommyland.

Hope everybody is well!!! Take care

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Things That Me Make Happy

I really try and be a positive person. Sometimes I get irritated and I just can't be and easy person to be around. Well that only happens when there are few .........ahem family members tick me off. So today it's very slow at work so I was thinking what makes me happy. So I will tell you. Ready? ok

1. being around nice people.
2. coming home to happy children and a happy husband.
3. when Hannah gets excited about doing something.
4. seeing my dad play with the girls on the floor after he has been at work all day.
5. seeing Gracie smile at (memom) my mother and Hannah being excited that Memom is here.
6. being able to sleep in.
7. my kitchen being clean.
8. when Hannah and Gracie laugh together.
9. ice cream
10. a cold glass of Tang
11. reading in bed
12. watching TV in bed with lots of pillows.
13. taking a nap in general *bonus Hannah next to me
14. Hannah putting lotion on my back
15. Hannah brushing my hair
16. when I can't sleep Dean rubs my head(guaranteed to fall asleep)
17. having lunch with my awesome dad
18. taking a nap with the windows open on a nice breezy day.
19. singing "Let There Be Peace On Earth" at church.
20. holding hands when saying "The Lord's Prayer"
21. greek salad from Panera
22. cuddling with my husband and watching a movie.
23. when the girls fall asleep on my chest.
24. when I walk in the door from work and Gracie makes a sound to get my attention.
25. Hannah telling me she misses me.
26. Being around Erin and Ben.
27. Getting comments on my blog.
28. thunder storms love them
29. being with my mom and dad
30. singing to my girls when they are fussy.
31. having bloggy friends.
32. shopping with my best friend Beth. I always feel refreshed. The girls call her MIMI. She rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Near And Dear To My Heart

I would like to tell you about somebody that I think is very special. Everybody needs somebody like her in the family.Her personality makes you love family. She is a blessing in my life and I am glad to know her.

I was her flowergirls in her wedding to my uncle many many years ago. Her husband my uncle is my godfather. Her girls look like my girls. I am so excited because they will grow up to be gorgeous.

Her name is Barb she is beautiful and her husband says she's got great legs.

When I found out I was pregnant with Hannah she offered so much support. Me being pregnant was the right time but it's not our timing it's God's timing right? right! She had me call her every week to give her progress. If I didn't call she called me. Let's just say I never let her have to call. Barb co-hosted my baby shower with my sister. It was such a nice shower too. She was at the hostpital after I had Hannah. She brought me the cutest little Carter's outfit. In fact Gracie wears it all the time. I remember being so excited that I pumped all this breast milk I showed her. I think she was thinking to much info. Then I really had a bad pregnancy with Gracie. I was in the hostpital a lot. She called me at the hostpital to see how I was holding up. When I got home I could call her about anything. She always made me feel better.

She is very loving to my girls and always interested in what they are doing. With our schedules we talk about twice a month. Our conversations always end with I love you. She is just a good person. I declare her as my favorite aunt. She knows it too.

So why am I sharing her with you? I realize everyday how much family is important. How we all need each other. We all make mistakes and we all need family to be there to say it's okay I love you and we are here.

You see, my Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though it is in the first stages I am very worried for her.Well, just because I worry about everything. Her spirits are high and she is ready to tackle this the best way she can. Barb is the kind of person that does not complain about little things. She has a positive outlook on everything and I admire her for that.

So tomorrow at 11:30 she will have a mastectomy. So my friends in the bloggy world I ask for special thoughts and prayers for her. She is young and a good person. Our family needs her. At least I need her. I even donated my boobs to her but she declined. So please tomorrow do what you can to send warm thoughts to her. Thank You everybody I know you will help.

I send my prayers for you and can't wait to see you. It will all be over soon and we will be on the deck drinking margaritas.

I love you Aunt Barb call me if I can do anything for you or the girls.

What A Productive Evening In Redheaded Mommy Land

When I arrived last night I could smell the yummy teriyaki pork tenderloin cooking in the oven. So I quickly made teriyaki rice and steamed some broccoli. It was a wonderful meal.Hannah gobbled it all up.Hannah even ate 3 generous slices of pork. Score for Mommy and Daddy!!!

So I was ready to give Hannah a tubbie. Then I got a great idea. I decided to vacuum the whole upstairs. That was fun because I love my Dyson. Then I used my 2 favorite cleaning supplies to clean my bathroom. Mr.Bubbles Bathroom cleaner(really can't remember the name) and soft scrub with bleach scrubbed with a Mr.Clean magic Eraser Sponge. It was spotless when I was done. Except Hannah never got her bath because I didn't want her to sit in the tub when I just used bleach.

Then I went down and fed Gracie. She really likes sweetpeas and carrots followed with oatmeal and apricots. I got everybody ready for bed and I relaxed.

Oh, everybody say a prayer for my adorable 4 year old nephew . He is having a surgical procedure today on his leg. Please pray that this growth will shrink. This is his second procedure. For such a young kid this is a lot for him to go through.Prayers for my sister she is such a trooper through all of this.

We will be there this weekend with lots of hugs and kisses. I love you Bopps.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


You just amaze me in everything you do. You are thoughtful and have a very sweet side. Everyday you surprise me with something new that you can do or have discovered. So I am going to try and remember the things you do and say.

I will never forget the first time you met MaryGrace you said,"hi bease". You fell in love with her right away. Daddy and I immediately knew you were going to be a great big sister. I love when I come through the door and you run to me and hug and say,"mommeeeeee". Like last night you said," I missed you mommy". Or when you and Daddy come outside and you wait for me to pull up and you yell to Gracie Mommy home Racie ,Mommy home. You and Gracie make me smile all the time. It's funny how you tell Gracie "enough" when she is crying because she is hungry. You always find a way to make Gracie laugh. Gracie adores you and loves you so much. She follows with her eyes everywhere you go. If you spend the night somewhere at Memoms or Mommoms she misses you. She is so happy when you are around.

I like when you are watching a movie and you imitate what they are doing. Like the other night you were watching WeeSing Granpa's Magical Toys and they were jump roping. You stopped and looked at me and said,"I get mine". You got your jump rope and you were really proud of yourself because you thought you were jumping rope.I love when you come up to me when I am sitting on the floor and you put your arm around me and say," I la u Mommy". It's absolutely the best feeling when you tell me that. When you have to hold your "bankie" and your "bebe"(pacifier)when you are really tired. When you can't find any of those and you say, "Mommy get it" because you are to tired to go upstairs. When you ask for a bottle with "frocolate " milk but your to old but I give to you anyway because I don't want you to grow up.

The other night I was laughing really hard and you said,"mommy you so silly". In the mornings when I get ready you follow me around. I will do your hair and when I am done that you go to my dresser and want perfume. You say thank you for everything when somebody does something nice for you. You say,"no bank you" when you decline from a offer of something.

You always help me with the laundry" you say helpin me". You love to put the clothes in the dryer. When we go to the grocery store at checkout I give you things to put on the belt. You just love to be a big girl. When I feed Gracie her food, you want to help and you really do a good job.

You love frocolate milk,chicken fingers, fries, peanut butter and jelly, turkey, broccoli, "ice feam", grilled cheese and regular cheese.

You call birthday cake and cupcakes"pancakes".

You love all your cousins and you treat them with such kindess. You love seeing "Ben Ben" and always want to play with him. You love your cousin Olivia you call her "eeeah".

Hannah, your just like Terry you remember everything. Peoples names where you saw them. If I get you a Icy at BJ's the next time your there you ask for one.

You get concerned when somebody is sick. When Granpa Terry had surgery, everyday after that you would say Terry Booboo, if anyone mentioned his name. When Great Nan was in the hostpital, one day in the backseat of the car you said to Memom ,"Nan okay"?

When we go somewhere people stop and say how pretty you are. You are such a loving little girl. Any chance you get you say to me," mommy hold you". Glady I reply becuase your my girl. When asked who's your best friend you say,"Mommy".

I love when we take naps together because we sleep a long time.

When you get irritated with daddy you tell him,"stoppin it". Your strong willed and want things a certain way. You have daddies personality which is laid back and easy to be with.You have the best smile.

Hannah, you were my first baby. Wow what an adjustment it was but Daddy and I figured it out. For the first year you were daddies girl now at 2 you just want Mommy.

Your nickname is "B" . I call you that all the time. You respond to it very nicely.

Hannah you have made my life so awesome. I can't imagine my life without you. Everyday I am blessed to have you and Gracie.I love everything about you. Don't ever change because you are great.

I love you Hannah your my sweetums.

P.S. I love that you sing when your in the back seat you ask for "songs"

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Get Me To The Church On Time............Please

The morning started great it really did. We got up at 9:00am I fed the girls and got them dressed for church. They looked beautiful!!! I got myself together in a timely fashion. I was ready on time and was determined to get to church on time.

I packed a bottle for Gracie as I went to retrieve the diaper bag. Oh my gosh ants ants everywhere. I freaked my freak people. I was loosing it I mean saying every bad word there is.

I was cleaning ants out of my diaper bag of the floor. They were making me late for church. Well the swifter really kills those little freaks(insert bad word).

Well I got to church not on time but I got there. I couldn't had done it without the world's best babysitter Nicky. She is great she helped with the kids during church. Did I mention that my husband was at work. That's why she comes with me. Two small children is a hard thing in church. We did it we are a gret team.

In other news this weekend at The Redheaded Mommy household. It was very uneventful.

The party for my father was very fun. Hannah swam for hours and Gracie loved the warm water. Hannah swam for 3 hours. Our heads hit the pillows at bedtime.

Hope everybody had a great weekend.

Enjoy the picture of Hannah and Gracie. Gracie turned 7 months today. I feel like I just had her.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Gracie, One Happy Baby!!!!!!!

I was trying to get ready to go out to lunch with a friend and I couldn't resist.

I'm Gonna Splash Terry!!!! Happy Birthday Dad

Tonight Hannah is very excited. Why you ask? Today is Terry's birthday(my father). Also it is my bil's birthday(uncle mike). So we are all heading over to celebrate their birthdays at the pool.

My father is an amazing person. He loves his children and would do anything for his grandchildren. He is well respected by the people in the community. He has been described by the newspaper"by the book no nonsense guy". He jokes and says," I don't own a book or have any sense". If you met him you know automactically that's not true.He is a very reserved person and that is easily mistaken as somebody that is not nice.

My father and my mother have been married for 33 years. You never have to question his love for my mom because it is so obvious. When he is not working he is with my mother. Recently my dad had surgery, when my mom entered his room she said,"how do you feel?". My father responded," better now that you are here." My parents are always together and he wouldn't have it any other way. My father has set the tone for the family on how a marriage should be. I am not allowed to say anything about Dean that is mean. His response is you two are married find a way to work it out. Or I will hear from him, "Amanda I don't want to hear it". He takes pride in his grandchildren and has millions of pictures in his office of them. He smiles when he has one of them is his arms, as he moves through the halls of his office.

When I had Hannah the first Granddaughter he was at the hostpital 3 times a day. In between meetings he would run in and just want to hold her. He sat with me when I cried about how overwhelming this mother gig is. He helped Dean pack me up to go home from the hospital. After my c-section with Hannah I hemorrhaged my mom called him and he was at the hospital in minutes. The look on his face when I came to was enough to know that he was very worried.

What makes my father so wonderful are the little things. As he holds the girls and they smile sweetly at him. Hannah spending the night there and him getting out the chocolate cake and all three of them sat around and ate it. Hannah being so tired she curls up on his lap and falls asleep. The morning I had Gracie he stayed home with Hannah so my mom and Dean could be in the Operating Room with me. When Gracie was so sick that we didn't know what was happening he assured me of God's presence and it would be okay. The interest he had when asking the doctor's what's really going to happen, because I was to afraid to ask.

There is so much about my father I wish I could tell you. He just is an amazing person.When I grow up I want to be just like him.

Happy Birthday Dad!!! You look great for turning 64. I hope for more memories and lots of great years to come. Thank You also for being such a wonderful father and grandfather, I love you.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well The Hits Just Keep On Coming!!!!!

Yesterday I spoke to my ob-gyn and she wants me to have and sonogram. I have had endometriosis since I was in 10th grade. Even though I just had Gracie almost 7 months ago it could have returned. On top of all that I have three kidney stones that will not pass. I sound fun don't I? I am really tolerating this well.

So last night I wanted to scream and cry from pain. No sympathy from my husband he said "did you take your pain medicine?" Of course,like I want to sit around in pain.So Gracie and I made our way to my bedroom and laid down. She sleeps really well next to me and for a long time. I took 2 percocet and couldn't sleep. As I finally dozed off my my husband came in the room from picking up Hannah. Well my fun was over I had to go down and put dinner on a plate. Thinking Hannah is down for the night. Twenty minutes later I hear mommy, mommy, where are you? The rest of the night went smoothly she fell asleep finally 2 hours later.

My point to this post is that I have plans tonight. Like going to pick up Gracie so Hannah can spend the night with her cousins. I was going to pick up Gracie and go home and take a nap. No, I can't now we have ants and I have to clean the floor. I mean Mr.Clean and swifer and vacuum the floor. I hired a babysitter for Gracie so she can be entertained bribed with makeup and food. It gets them all the time.

Tommorrow who knows what I am doing. Mainly play with the girls,Hannah has been asking for Ben. So maybe we will get to see him and Erin.

In other news, Gracie is rolling like crazy and moving herself around. We have put up the gate. I tripped over it this morning getting ready for work.

So if you need me I will be knee deep S@#$. If you don't hear from me in a couple of days call for help.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

By Popular Demand ...... My Salad

This is a very easy salad. Claire and Nicole have requested the recipe.

One bag of spinach mix greens
blue cheese crumbles
sun dried tomatoes
bacon bits
roasted red peppers(optional)
pine nuts
garlic croutons
Mix it all together- Use your own salad dressing- I suggest blue cheese vinaigrette(by marie's) or balsalmic vinaigrette. Those are the best ones with the Salad. You can put chopped pieces of chicken in it if this is your main meal. I use the bacon bits only if I am serving it with something else.

As a main dish this serves 2 people.

I know this seems so easy anybody can make this. It's really the contents that make it so yummy. I am sick of garden salads. In fact everywhere you go they serve specialty salads now. Do you ever see "garden salad"?

Hope you enjoy let me know what you think.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

"Go Away Daddy".......Oh Yes She Did

That is what Hannah likes to say now. Well she didn't get that from us. She got that from her cousin Olivia. They are 6 weeks apart. So this weekend has been you don't talk to us like that. I make Hannah say she is sorry. She really only says it when Olivia is around and she is very tired. We will be getting rid of that saying very quickly.I also cut her bangs before church this morning. I think I did a really good job. Maybe a picture if I can get her to sit still.

Little Gracie is starting to babble more followed by her screeching monkey noise. She gets really loud. We were in Sears today and the saleslady who was selling my husband a watch made a face. I wanted to smack her face for being so rude. It's obvious she does not have children. Dean and I think it's very funny. Gracie does it to be funny I guess. She is not unhappy it's the exact opposite. I have never seen such a happy baby.

Anyway Gracie went to bed smiling. Well you would if you just drank an 8oz. bottle. Hannah was very tired and having a major meltdown. That's why she has to have a nap everyday.

I bought the girls some new clothes. Children's place is having a huge sale. I got things for Gracie for $2.00. I also got some carter sun dresses for $5.00 each. I love a bargain.

Oh, Dean fixed my Peg Perego stroller yesterday, I am so excited. I actually used it at the mall today.

I also bought a lot of picture frames today and framed pictures from Gracie's baptism. Some are gifts for my dad for his birthday. More on my dad later.

Well anyway I am tired and I am going to bed.

Question for everybody!!!! Tell me your latest challenge from your toddler and how you are handling it. I would love to hear from you.

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Been A Long Day

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Gracie passed out from playing

Well I was doing the dishes I came into the family room and this is what I found. A sweet little Gracie fast asleep. Passed out from all her monkey screaming. So I changed her and put her in her crib. Night night Gracie I'll see you in the morning.

In other news this evening. Hannah got new shampoo and bubble bath. So she made sure she was extra messy so she could have a tubbie(bath). She was so excited that she didn't cry when I washed her hair. Thank You Suave Kids for making a toddler happy about the bath. She too is passed out from having a bubblie time in the tubbie.

I made a delicious meal tonight. I can't believe I cooked!!!!!! Torteleni in sausage garlic and onion tomato sauce and my famous salad. This salad is so famous that when I make it the salad is gone-no leftovers. It was a good dinner.Patting myself on the back.

Anyway that is it!! Good night

She Learned That From Me

Yesterday I tried really hard to get Hannah to take a nap. I mean I was pulling my hair out trying to get her to lay down and be quiet. I started at 2:00 and at4:00 she finally fell asleep. Just when the thunderstorm started.

So before she fell asleep she was in trying to wake up Gracie. No way is that going to happen. I looked at her and said;"Hannah get in your bed right now". She said okay. As turned the corner she was sitting on her Pooh Bear stool. I stood there and stared at her you know the mom look. Yeah, I gave her the look. People she looked right at me and said,"what". My 2 year old said "what".

So I called my mother and told her and she said you say that to Dean all the time. So then Dean came home and you know what he said. "You do the same thing all the time". "Hannah learned that from you." People she learned that from me.

Turn The Music Down And Get A Life

Dear Idiot in the drive thru at the bank,

Thank You for playing your music so loud that I couldn't hear the bank teller. It was very nice of you to play it so loud that the three counties away could hear your garbage that you call music.

Next time why don't you pass out music sheets so we all can sing along.

Please turn your s#@*! down to a decent level at act like a normal person

Thank You, from

The Driver in the Black Ford Explorer

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Not A Exciting Post

I really am not feeling well today. My side really hurts and I think I am working on a kidney stone. So I am just not in a chipper mood today. Dean is working very late to night so I am on my own on the bedtime thing. Come to think about it I always do the bedtime thing by myself. Only because Hannah won't let anybody else do it. Gracie will only let me feed her at night so I am on my own.

So my plan is to go home give baths get pajamas on including me,put a movie in and call it a night.

One more thing ladies. If you don't already get the Parents Magazine get it this month. Great articles about SIDS and tubes for the ears. I thought this was the best edition that has come out. It's packed full of great info.

Hope everybody has a good day!!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Mommy R Da Tars Out"

Hannah and I were in her bed and this is the conversation we had last night.

ME: "Hannah please close your eyes it's late and you need to go to sleep"

Hannah:"mommy r da tars out tonight?"

ME: "yes, Hannah the stars are out tonight"(like I really knew)

Hannah: "mommy r dare baby tars out?"

Me: yes, Hannah there are baby stars out tonight".

(hannah wrinkles her nose and suinches her face)

Hannah: "awe arn't dey tute"

Me: (laughing) "yes, babes they are cute"." please close your eyes"

Hannah: "mommy"

Me: "yes, Hannah"

Hannah: "I la u toe much"

Me: " I love you too sweet girl"

Coaxing Hannah to go to sleep took a long time. I finnaly dropped last night at 12:00am.

Monday, July 10, 2006

All In A Days Work

So I took the girls to church again,it went well very well. I met more people and I am feeling more comfortable. Gracie did her screeching during mass but people thought it was cute. Hannah was so well behaved I was so happy. They served donuts after mass,Hannah was in powdered donut heaven. I got to see my friend Chuck. I really was glad to see him. His sermon was wonderful and he sang part of the mass beautifully. My awesome teeage babysitter came with me. Hannah adores her and Nikki adores Hannah. She was a great help. Nikki's mom came with us too and she even held Gracie for a while.

So then we all went to the Grocery store.Oh,boy was that fun!!!! Gracie was in the baby bjorn and decided to throw up all over me and down her leg. I was so distraught I couldn't find my bank card. Nikki's mom paid for my groceries. I left Gracie's baby Gymbo there and didn't realize it until today. I called the store and thank God it was still there. So I called my husband he laughed at me. Gracie gets all excited about this baby. She screams like a monkey and hugs it,she loves this thing. So Dean is picking it up today.

So when I got home I had a message to call my mother. I called her and she asked if the girls and I would like to meet her and my dad for dinner. Dean was working late, so I took advantage of that and met them for dinner. Hannah just adores my parents and loves all the attention they giver her. The whole way there I heard "go see Memom and Terry". My father won't let the grandchildren call him anything except for Terry. Don't ask why it's a long story. Dinner was just delightful. Hannah was well behaved and being entertained by my father(Terry). My father drew pictures of people and Hannah would name them.Hannah had her usual chicken finger and fries. I had a seafood dish.YUM YUM!!!!!!!!!!! So at the end of the meal Hannah said"Terry I want ice feam. So my father said let go find some. So we took a walk and Hannah had "frocolate ice feam". So she was hyper the whole way home. Gracie slept a lot towards the end.

It was a great day all together. I missed my husband very much. We couldn't wait for him to come home. Hannah just sat in Dean's lap most of the night.

I cleaned some of the house. Rearranged Gracie's room and vacuumed and organized made bottles cleaned the kitchen and the living room.I finally went to bed at 1:00am.Then I couldn't sleep at all. Just when I started to doze Dean would snore. I told him to lay on his side. He actually sat up and told me "I am not snoring". I said what I am making this up.He made me so mad I was ready to sleep on the couch.

So the girls woke up in a very good mood. It was a start of a beautiful day.I am almost done my work day. I can't wait to go home and cuddle with the girls. They make this parenting gig so wonderful.

Have a great rest of your Monday

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I really try and listen to my heart about these things but I feel that my heart is torn between two places.

I grew up in a very traditional Catholic Church. My family and I went every Sunday to church no matter what. I was confirmed there and worked very hard in the youth group there. Even when I graduated from there I became an advisor. Then I was asked to sing in the contemporary choir. I was honored because you really had to have talent. My place was this church and that's where I went every Sunday. It's absolutely beautiful; everything about the church is traditional.

My husband and I were married there. When we had Hannah she was baptized there. My husband converted and did R.C.I.A. there.(converting to be Catholic). When we had MaryGrace she too was baptized there. We are really good friends with the priest there. In fact if MaryGrace was a boy he would have been Matthew named after Fr. Matt.We go to church there everyother Sunday. Only because it's 30 minutes away. That's really hard to leave on time with 2 small children . So we go to the Catholic church 10 minutes away. I really like this church also. See where I am going with this?

I want a church that is my home that I can call my home parish. This is very important to me. My husband usually works on Sundays so it's me and the girls. So last weekend I got myself and girls dressed to go to Mass. When got there right when church began. We had a great seat so Hannah could see. The girls were very good. Hannah knows the sign of the cross and is learning quickly the Lord's Prayer.At the end of Mass they had a reception for one of the new priests. So I was brave and took Hannah and Gracie. I met the President of the Church Council he gave me a packet to join. I really felt good there. The church is full of young mothers and fathers. It's just a young church.

I just also found out that my friend Chuck will be the pastor of this church. He and I have been friends for a long time. He has seen me through a lot of relationships and has been there for everything. He anointed me the day before I went in for major surgery in college. He has really helped me with my faith and building it.Also Hannah can go there to school next year.

So what do I do? Be a member a church that is close. Or stay where I have been going for 29 years.I need to decide now because my girls are small.

If anybody has any advice that would be great.Do not bash the church or say anything bad about priests. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all.

Thank you

Gracie Trying Her New Highchair

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Gracie got a highchair last night from her friend Henry.
I am really sick of sitting on the floor with a bouncy seat.I think that is why my back hurts so much.

I sold my one highchair 2 weeks before I found out that I was pregnant with Gracie.I am still kicking myself. My husband said as long as he dosn't have to buy one it's cool.

My Peg Perego Stroller is broken and if the part I am getting dosn't work well, I will be buying another stroller.I am really sad about that becuase it has sentimental value. Dean bought the stroller for me the day I told him I was pregnant.He went out and bought put it on hold and took me to the store to show me.He was so cute he said,"look it has a cheerio tray". I just love this stroller love love love it. So I hope it will work out.

So anyway that's my Gracie isn't she just beautiful? I just can't help but be in love with my girls.

Friday, July 07, 2006

High School

I keep having this dream that I am back in highschool. I have to go back to 12th grade. This is the theme every time I have this dream. Everything is clear the office, the nurse's office, guidance office, the library, the lockers down the hallway. Even some of the teachers are the same. I am trying to talk to all the people in our class.They acted snobby in my dream like they did in real life.I remember the drive to school in the morning with my highschool boyfriend.When you do that for 2 years how can you forget.

It's always the same thing I don't have my schedule and do not know where I am going.I have to stand in line and wait to get it.

The thing is I really disliked highschool. I had a couple of girlfriends and I had my boyfriend. I didn't drink or smoke or go to wild parties. I was a good teenager. I babysat fo money and did odd jobs. When I wasn't babysitting I was with my boyfriend.The rest of highschool is a blur.

At the end of my dream as I am waiting in the office for my schedule. I realize that I have kids and I am not going through 12th grade again.So I say"what are we doing here people we are adults". All the girls that actually have kids in real life stand up and leave. Then I wake up and glad that it's not real life.

The things is I have this dream at least once a month. Maybe I am having this dream because I didn't go to my 10 year reunion.

At least this dream is better than the one when your running to the bus stop with no pants on. I had that dream all the time in middle school.

Does anybody else have the same dream over and over again?

Well I am done my ramble.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fireworks Go Boom Boom!!!!!!!!

This is Hannah having a great time at the fireworks on Saturday night.

A Mommy Moment

Saturday night I took Hannah to the Fireworks. As she sat on my lap I had a moment. I realized that I am the happiest mommy when I am with my kids. Seeing Hannah's face when the fireworks started and how excited she was made me smile. I am doing something right as mother.Hannah is turning out to be a well adjusted girl.

Then it occured to me that this parent gig is all I ever wanted since I don't know when. I was devasted in high school when I found out that I had a condition that might make it harder for me to have kids.(later on in life)I look at Hannah and Mary Grace and I can't believe that this is my life. I am so blessed to have these girls. They have made me a better person. When I am not at work I just want to be with them.

I am so excited about tommorrow, my husband will be home with me and the girls.I just just love that. Later on we are supposed to go to the playground with The Baby Human Family. Hannah just loves Ben and I think Erin is awesome. That way my husband can have some time to himself. Am I the greatest wife or what?

I will try and take pictures of the playground. It's the biggest playground ever!!

One Day..........................................

This was the title of my post.Somehow it got erased. I was going to write about things I am not able to do because I am always distracted and always taking care of the girls.

So now I don't have the energy to re-write it.

So did anybody do anything fun on the 4th?

Saturday, July 01, 2006


This is my favorite picture of Hannah and Mary Grace together.

Where's Hannah?

.................... Well this morning she wasn't in her bed. She was sleeping on the floor in her bedroom. I laughed so hard because I don't know what she did and how she got there.

Hannah and I have a date to tonight it's just the 2 of us going to the fireworks with some friends. rumor has it that Tiernan and Bailey will be there too. She will be so excited.IF Ben came she would be the happiest girl. She would be with all her boys.*hint* Erin if your reading this; want to meet us?
Dean said he would stay home with Gracie because she might get scared.I think she will,she doesn't even like the lawn mower noise.

Everybody have a Happy 4th of July