Saturday, July 01, 2006

Where's Hannah?

.................... Well this morning she wasn't in her bed. She was sleeping on the floor in her bedroom. I laughed so hard because I don't know what she did and how she got there.

Hannah and I have a date to tonight it's just the 2 of us going to the fireworks with some friends. rumor has it that Tiernan and Bailey will be there too. She will be so excited.IF Ben came she would be the happiest girl. She would be with all her boys.*hint* Erin if your reading this; want to meet us?
Dean said he would stay home with Gracie because she might get scared.I think she will,she doesn't even like the lawn mower noise.

Everybody have a Happy 4th of July

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Suburban Turmoil said...

Awww, your girls are so cute!

I'm taking my two-year-old to see fireworks tomorrow night. I think she'll like them, but it's hard to say. The noise just might frighten her.

Happy 4th!