Tuesday, July 25, 2006


You just amaze me in everything you do. You are thoughtful and have a very sweet side. Everyday you surprise me with something new that you can do or have discovered. So I am going to try and remember the things you do and say.

I will never forget the first time you met MaryGrace you said,"hi bease". You fell in love with her right away. Daddy and I immediately knew you were going to be a great big sister. I love when I come through the door and you run to me and hug and say,"mommeeeeee". Like last night you said," I missed you mommy". Or when you and Daddy come outside and you wait for me to pull up and you yell to Gracie Mommy home Racie ,Mommy home. You and Gracie make me smile all the time. It's funny how you tell Gracie "enough" when she is crying because she is hungry. You always find a way to make Gracie laugh. Gracie adores you and loves you so much. She follows with her eyes everywhere you go. If you spend the night somewhere at Memoms or Mommoms she misses you. She is so happy when you are around.

I like when you are watching a movie and you imitate what they are doing. Like the other night you were watching WeeSing Granpa's Magical Toys and they were jump roping. You stopped and looked at me and said,"I get mine". You got your jump rope and you were really proud of yourself because you thought you were jumping rope.I love when you come up to me when I am sitting on the floor and you put your arm around me and say," I la u Mommy". It's absolutely the best feeling when you tell me that. When you have to hold your "bankie" and your "bebe"(pacifier)when you are really tired. When you can't find any of those and you say, "Mommy get it" because you are to tired to go upstairs. When you ask for a bottle with "frocolate " milk but your to old but I give to you anyway because I don't want you to grow up.

The other night I was laughing really hard and you said,"mommy you so silly". In the mornings when I get ready you follow me around. I will do your hair and when I am done that you go to my dresser and want perfume. You say thank you for everything when somebody does something nice for you. You say,"no bank you" when you decline from a offer of something.

You always help me with the laundry" you say helpin me". You love to put the clothes in the dryer. When we go to the grocery store at checkout I give you things to put on the belt. You just love to be a big girl. When I feed Gracie her food, you want to help and you really do a good job.

You love frocolate milk,chicken fingers, fries, peanut butter and jelly, turkey, broccoli, "ice feam", grilled cheese and regular cheese.

You call birthday cake and cupcakes"pancakes".

You love all your cousins and you treat them with such kindess. You love seeing "Ben Ben" and always want to play with him. You love your cousin Olivia you call her "eeeah".

Hannah, your just like Terry you remember everything. Peoples names where you saw them. If I get you a Icy at BJ's the next time your there you ask for one.

You get concerned when somebody is sick. When Granpa Terry had surgery, everyday after that you would say Terry Booboo, if anyone mentioned his name. When Great Nan was in the hostpital, one day in the backseat of the car you said to Memom ,"Nan okay"?

When we go somewhere people stop and say how pretty you are. You are such a loving little girl. Any chance you get you say to me," mommy hold you". Glady I reply becuase your my girl. When asked who's your best friend you say,"Mommy".

I love when we take naps together because we sleep a long time.

When you get irritated with daddy you tell him,"stoppin it". Your strong willed and want things a certain way. You have daddies personality which is laid back and easy to be with.You have the best smile.

Hannah, you were my first baby. Wow what an adjustment it was but Daddy and I figured it out. For the first year you were daddies girl now at 2 you just want Mommy.

Your nickname is "B" . I call you that all the time. You respond to it very nicely.

Hannah you have made my life so awesome. I can't imagine my life without you. Everyday I am blessed to have you and Gracie.I love everything about you. Don't ever change because you are great.

I love you Hannah your my sweetums.

P.S. I love that you sing when your in the back seat you ask for "songs"


Jamie said...

What a sweetie pie! You will be so glad you wrote this when she gets to be a big girl. :)

Renee said...

Hannah sounds like a sweetheart!