Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What A Productive Evening In Redheaded Mommy Land

When I arrived last night I could smell the yummy teriyaki pork tenderloin cooking in the oven. So I quickly made teriyaki rice and steamed some broccoli. It was a wonderful meal.Hannah gobbled it all up.Hannah even ate 3 generous slices of pork. Score for Mommy and Daddy!!!

So I was ready to give Hannah a tubbie. Then I got a great idea. I decided to vacuum the whole upstairs. That was fun because I love my Dyson. Then I used my 2 favorite cleaning supplies to clean my bathroom. Mr.Bubbles Bathroom cleaner(really can't remember the name) and soft scrub with bleach scrubbed with a Mr.Clean magic Eraser Sponge. It was spotless when I was done. Except Hannah never got her bath because I didn't want her to sit in the tub when I just used bleach.

Then I went down and fed Gracie. She really likes sweetpeas and carrots followed with oatmeal and apricots. I got everybody ready for bed and I relaxed.

Oh, everybody say a prayer for my adorable 4 year old nephew . He is having a surgical procedure today on his leg. Please pray that this growth will shrink. This is his second procedure. For such a young kid this is a lot for him to go through.Prayers for my sister she is such a trooper through all of this.

We will be there this weekend with lots of hugs and kisses. I love you Bopps.

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Jamie said...

Wow, can I come over for dinner? Sounds very yummy! I hope the procedure went well for your little nephew. Hugs to him.