Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Mommy R Da Tars Out"

Hannah and I were in her bed and this is the conversation we had last night.

ME: "Hannah please close your eyes it's late and you need to go to sleep"

Hannah:"mommy r da tars out tonight?"

ME: "yes, Hannah the stars are out tonight"(like I really knew)

Hannah: "mommy r dare baby tars out?"

Me: yes, Hannah there are baby stars out tonight".

(hannah wrinkles her nose and suinches her face)

Hannah: "awe arn't dey tute"

Me: (laughing) "yes, babes they are cute"." please close your eyes"

Hannah: "mommy"

Me: "yes, Hannah"

Hannah: "I la u toe much"

Me: " I love you too sweet girl"

Coaxing Hannah to go to sleep took a long time. I finnaly dropped last night at 12:00am.


Renee said...

How sweet is she!? Very.

Anne said...

i keep meaning to break out the recording device for moments like these. so cute