Thursday, July 27, 2006

Things That Me Make Happy

I really try and be a positive person. Sometimes I get irritated and I just can't be and easy person to be around. Well that only happens when there are few .........ahem family members tick me off. So today it's very slow at work so I was thinking what makes me happy. So I will tell you. Ready? ok

1. being around nice people.
2. coming home to happy children and a happy husband.
3. when Hannah gets excited about doing something.
4. seeing my dad play with the girls on the floor after he has been at work all day.
5. seeing Gracie smile at (memom) my mother and Hannah being excited that Memom is here.
6. being able to sleep in.
7. my kitchen being clean.
8. when Hannah and Gracie laugh together.
9. ice cream
10. a cold glass of Tang
11. reading in bed
12. watching TV in bed with lots of pillows.
13. taking a nap in general *bonus Hannah next to me
14. Hannah putting lotion on my back
15. Hannah brushing my hair
16. when I can't sleep Dean rubs my head(guaranteed to fall asleep)
17. having lunch with my awesome dad
18. taking a nap with the windows open on a nice breezy day.
19. singing "Let There Be Peace On Earth" at church.
20. holding hands when saying "The Lord's Prayer"
21. greek salad from Panera
22. cuddling with my husband and watching a movie.
23. when the girls fall asleep on my chest.
24. when I walk in the door from work and Gracie makes a sound to get my attention.
25. Hannah telling me she misses me.
26. Being around Erin and Ben.
27. Getting comments on my blog.
28. thunder storms love them
29. being with my mom and dad
30. singing to my girls when they are fussy.
31. having bloggy friends.
32. shopping with my best friend Beth. I always feel refreshed. The girls call her MIMI. She rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Flinger said...

I was going to add "A nice dark red beer" but after your list it seems a little odd. :-)

Anne said...

ice cold tang. I hear that! great list!!