Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm Gonna Splash Terry!!!! Happy Birthday Dad

Tonight Hannah is very excited. Why you ask? Today is Terry's birthday(my father). Also it is my bil's birthday(uncle mike). So we are all heading over to celebrate their birthdays at the pool.

My father is an amazing person. He loves his children and would do anything for his grandchildren. He is well respected by the people in the community. He has been described by the newspaper"by the book no nonsense guy". He jokes and says," I don't own a book or have any sense". If you met him you know automactically that's not true.He is a very reserved person and that is easily mistaken as somebody that is not nice.

My father and my mother have been married for 33 years. You never have to question his love for my mom because it is so obvious. When he is not working he is with my mother. Recently my dad had surgery, when my mom entered his room she said,"how do you feel?". My father responded," better now that you are here." My parents are always together and he wouldn't have it any other way. My father has set the tone for the family on how a marriage should be. I am not allowed to say anything about Dean that is mean. His response is you two are married find a way to work it out. Or I will hear from him, "Amanda I don't want to hear it". He takes pride in his grandchildren and has millions of pictures in his office of them. He smiles when he has one of them is his arms, as he moves through the halls of his office.

When I had Hannah the first Granddaughter he was at the hostpital 3 times a day. In between meetings he would run in and just want to hold her. He sat with me when I cried about how overwhelming this mother gig is. He helped Dean pack me up to go home from the hospital. After my c-section with Hannah I hemorrhaged my mom called him and he was at the hospital in minutes. The look on his face when I came to was enough to know that he was very worried.

What makes my father so wonderful are the little things. As he holds the girls and they smile sweetly at him. Hannah spending the night there and him getting out the chocolate cake and all three of them sat around and ate it. Hannah being so tired she curls up on his lap and falls asleep. The morning I had Gracie he stayed home with Hannah so my mom and Dean could be in the Operating Room with me. When Gracie was so sick that we didn't know what was happening he assured me of God's presence and it would be okay. The interest he had when asking the doctor's what's really going to happen, because I was to afraid to ask.

There is so much about my father I wish I could tell you. He just is an amazing person.When I grow up I want to be just like him.

Happy Birthday Dad!!! You look great for turning 64. I hope for more memories and lots of great years to come. Thank You also for being such a wonderful father and grandfather, I love you.


Nicole said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father! He sounds like a keeper!

Jamie said...

Your dad sounds like an amazing man. How lucky you are to have him in your lives! Happy Belated Birthday to your dad!

Claire said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda's Dad! What a sweet post -- I'm certain it made his day.

Jamie said...

I wanted to come back and comment that I had to go to the ER 8 weeks postpartum after my emergency c-section with my first daughter. It was awful! I thought I was bleeding to death! Not something I enjoy remembering, but I was fine. It really scared my family, though. (and me too)