Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Mommy Moment

Saturday night I took Hannah to the Fireworks. As she sat on my lap I had a moment. I realized that I am the happiest mommy when I am with my kids. Seeing Hannah's face when the fireworks started and how excited she was made me smile. I am doing something right as mother.Hannah is turning out to be a well adjusted girl.

Then it occured to me that this parent gig is all I ever wanted since I don't know when. I was devasted in high school when I found out that I had a condition that might make it harder for me to have kids.(later on in life)I look at Hannah and Mary Grace and I can't believe that this is my life. I am so blessed to have these girls. They have made me a better person. When I am not at work I just want to be with them.

I am so excited about tommorrow, my husband will be home with me and the girls.I just just love that. Later on we are supposed to go to the playground with The Baby Human Family. Hannah just loves Ben and I think Erin is awesome. That way my husband can have some time to himself. Am I the greatest wife or what?

I will try and take pictures of the playground. It's the biggest playground ever!!

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