Monday, July 31, 2006

Updates And Random Thoughts

I just want to thank everybody for you thoughts and prayers for my nephew and my Aunt Barb.

My nephew went in to have the procedure and they didn't have to do anything. They sent him home and didn't have to stay at the hostpital. I call that good medicine and the power of prayer.

My Aunt Barb not so great news. My beautiful cousin Kate called me with everything after the surgery. She was in recovery at that point. Kate said they found cancer in one of her lymphnodes. So she will have to do chemo. I am so sad about that. Kate seemed optimistic and so do the doctors. I talked to Barb yesterday and her spirits seemed very good. I just wanted to reach through the phone and hug her. So I think I am going to take the girls to see her on Thursday.

In other news

I had a great weekend off with the girls. Dean worked all weekend so we didn't get to see him much.

Sunday morning I did it we got to church on time and got a good seat. Then we went to the Grocery store. I was just there Friday,oh well. Breyers Ice cream came out with Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream. Lately I have been very good about what I eat. I couldn't resist this one. Go out and by some, damm it's good.

Hannah got in bed with me this morning. Okay, that is my favorite thing. She has her blankies and her binki and climbs in bed and sleeps for another 2 hours.
So my mother came to watch the girls this morning. She took Hannah home with her for a couple of days. Hannah loves her Memom and Terry,they have so much fun together. My mom was really excited to have her over. I already miss her a lot.

So Gracie will have my undvided attention for a while. Dean and I are going to watch a movie tonight. I am making a healthy salad so we can eat icecream. I know that doesn't sound right but I make the rules in this house.

So that is it here in Mommyland.

Hope everybody is well!!! Take care


Jamie said...

Yes, for every salad you eat you can eat one bowl of ice cream. :)
Enjoy your one-on-one time with Gracie. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt!

Anne said...

Good energy coming your way and your aunt's way too. It's usually a very positive thing when the Drs are optimistic. Keep us posted!