Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Who Ate The Doughnuts?

I am always having funny converations with Hannah. She really keeps me in line.

We were leaving church 2 Sunday's ago and we are in my car.

Hannah: Mommy I want a doughnut (remembering last week it was doughnut Sunday)

Me: It's not doughnut week Hannah the doughnuts are all gone.

Hannah: I hungry momay(being silly)

Me: Well were going to Panera and you can get a grilled cheese.

Hannah: where all da doughnuts go?

Me: Everybody ate them last week

Hannah: why?

Me: well they were hungry?

Hannah: why?

Me:(getting frustrated that this conversation is going nowhere)Hannah Fr. Chuck ate the doughnuts he ate them all, okay!!

With that Hannah stored this conversation in her little brain. So this past Sunday we are walking out of church and Fr. Chuck is standing there and we said hi. He said he wouldn't be coming for dinner next weekend because something came up. So we both said we will come up with a different date.

So Hannah hearing this conversation, we are walking out and she says, "Fr. Chuck ate all the doughnuts".

Yes, Hannah he did.

Gosh she remembers everything!!!!!


Nicole said...

It's amazing that they can remember that kind of thing, but can't manage to put their toys back where they came from!

Anne said...

I know..it is so true! All kids are very smart...they pick up everything. It's later on that things hit the fan and they become more like me...forgetful an useless. :)