Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long Time No Blog!!!!

So how are all my mommy blogger friends. I am sorry I have not been around. My computer at worked crashed so I can't do anything involved with the internet. So I am trying to catch up on everybody. I've missed you guys a lot. I am having bloggy withdrawal. What a terrible thing to have. I am sure there is a drug out there to help the addiction.

The girls are keeping me very busy. Gracie is 7 months old and into everything. Hannah just talks my ear off. She sings all the time and she pretends that she is on stage.

So what is Gracie doing these days? Dare I say a lot!!!

Rolling around and scooting to get to places.

Babbling like crazy " ma ma ma"

screams when she sees her bottle in my hand totally loses her patience. When I squeeze the air out she goes nuts. When I put the bottle to her mouth it's pure joy.

so happy to see me when I get home if I walk past her and I don't pick her up she cries. My hands are full I am not neglecting her.

Bedtime or naptime she now likes me to sing to her and rock her.

She is such a cuddly baby.

Loves her sister Hannah, like I said wants to be right next to her.

Johnny Jump up is her favorite activity besides eating and her mommy holding her.

Anyway this is just random and I don't want to forget.

There is a lot going on in my life. Unexpected medical things have popped up. There are going to be a lot of changes here in Mommy land I have that feeling.

Sorry that I haven't commented much on anyone's blog. I just have a lot on my brain. Just a little overwhelmed. I have read all your blogs though. Can't forget that!!!

Everybody have a great week, I will check in soon.



Anne said...

um. like pregnancy medical things? that was unexpected in my life is why i ask. Hope it all works out whatever it is!

Mrs. Belle said...

Hope you are ok!