Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Visit With The Cousins

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I thought that I should get a picture of Stacy holding Hannah and Kate holding Gracie. That's what my girls are going to look like when they get older. The only thing I have to say is I am in trouble. Kate and Stacy are beautiful. They are also the sweetest girls too.

So my mom and I took Hannah and Gracie to see my Aunt Barb. We took them lunch and had a real good time.

Barb is doing well and has the best attitude I have ever seen. We all had a good time together.

So in other news!!!

Yesterday was Dean's birthday. He turned 38!!! He is much older than me. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner. He said,"pizza" so that's what we had. So we ate pizza and watched the Lion King with Hannah. Gracie was rolling all over the place.

That's all here in Mommy Land. Hope you are all well!!!!


Erin said...


Anne said...

what a cute picture! love the matching outfits...I do that to my girls all the time.

Claire said...

You ladies are just so dern purty.

And happy birthday to the Daddy! Yes, you don't exactly look 38, do you? My hubs is 9 years older than me, so I may be right there with you on the much-older-man trip. It has worked out extremely well for us.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Gorgeous picture!