Saturday, August 26, 2006

Guess What I Did Friday Night?

So last night I left work and went to the Grocery store all by myself!!!!! My husband was working and he picked up the girls later. So I cruised the grocery store all by myself. It was really nice to have 1 hour to myself. I didn't feel rushed and I bought food instead of nothing. When the girls are with me I can't concentrate. Shit gets in my cart and later I am like, what the hell am I going to do with this. I even went and got Chinese for dinner. Yeah,I know I am an awesome wife.

I forgot to mention that Gracie went crazy over the fried rice. She screamed at me when I stopped feeding her. Who knew that would be a hit!!!!!


Please send good thoughts to my Aunt Barb she is getting ready to start chemo on Monday. She is very optimistic and I think she will do fine. It's just my nature to worry about people.

I have to have a root canal. Yippe!!!! I am on Amoxacillin and Percocet until then.

Well everybody have a good Saturday night!!!! I want reports on your super weekend fun.


Renee said...

Solo grocery shopping. You gotta love it!
I wish I could report a super exciting weekend, but so far, nothing.

Amy said...

I banned Kate from tehh grocery store for a while - way to many Supernanny quality tantrums. I really enjoyed the quietness os shopping alone...It was also nice to come home with mostly everything I intended to get. I tend to forget too much when I have the kids with me.

Jamie said...

I love to solo shop, too. We have had a pretty quiet weekend, although I did take the girls up to my best friend's house yesterday so they could play with her three boys! Oh...the dental work. Yuck! Sending good thoughts to your aunt.

Anne said...

Good thoughts to your Aunt Barb. I am assuming she is doing just fine on the chemo and I hope it really helps her.

And I love grocery shopping without the girls! So rare, so wonderful!