Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Feeling Blessed

If you would have asked me ten years ago where I would be now? My answer would be who knows. I have been through some stuff in my life that I would like to forget. Really if I think about those bad times they have made me a better person. They got me to this place in my life and I am truly grateful.

So this is what usually goes on in my house.

I wake up every morning with one of the girls in my bed. My husband and I smile at each other which means this is the best.My husband makes me coffee and gets me whatever I need for the day. I kiss my husband and the girls and say I will be back soon. I leave happy because I know they are usually with my husband. I call in the middle of the day to see what drama is going on. Hannah gets on the phone and says, "I la u mommay". I say something sweet to Gracie and I get some kind of jabber. My husband will call and give me updates on the house. Worried I might be upset if it's a mess. We end every telephone conversation with "I love you". I hang the phone up and thank the Lord for sending me a wonderful man.

When I come home I am greeted at the front steps by my husband and two little girls happy to see me. The girls sit on the couch with me as I give them hugs and kisses and talk about the day. We talk about dinner and what swingset we are going to visit.

At night I read books usually to the girls or Hannah has picked a movie.I feed Gracie her bottle as Hannah has her head propped up against my arm. They have both fallen asleep and I carry each one up to their bed or crib. I layout their clothes for the next day and try and find something for me to wear.I make bottles for Gracie in the sequence that I do everynight.

I go to bed exhausted and my husband rubs my head some nights. I say my prayers and am truly blessed for my life.

I didn't get to this place in my life by accident series of events had to happen. I am reminded how awesome God is and his plan for us. I fall asleep feeling blessed.

This really happens I am trying to make it interesting. I love my husband and my kids that most of the time I am happy sometimes I can be irritated with my husband. I try to make the best of it. This post might not stay up cause I don't want to sound corny.


Erika said...

Katie and I were roommates sophomore year at college so I've known her for quite a while. Do you and your family still live in the same neighborhood?

I haven't talked to Jodi in ages - we just fell out of touch. I think we both just got really busy. I always wonder about her. Katie has my email too. :)

Nicole said...

Wow. I didn't realize that you work and your husband has the girls at home. You are lucky to have such a set-up.

And while I'm at it, here's my take on blogging and deleting posts. I don't delete anything. I work to write honestly and creatively. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes reflective, sometimes it's just stupid. I look back at some of my early posts and think, "Why did I write that?" but I don't delete them.

If this is your life, and this is how you feel about it (at least some of the time!) then it's not corny. It's real.

Erika said...

I deleted your comment so no one spams you and saved your email. :)

I will email you soon.

I am so happy to hear Jodi is getting married again. She deserves to be happy!!! YAY! I'll have to spread the news around here at work b/c everyone loved her so much.


Renee said...

what a great post. Sometimes we forget all of the blessings in our lives. I know I do. It's great to be reminded.

Mrs. Belle said...

Sounds wonderful!

Jamie said...

Don't worry about sounding corny. I think you have a very positive outlook at life and it's obvious that your faith and your family mean a lot to you. Oh...and don't we all get irritated with our husbands! :)