Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Busy Busy..................I guess?

Sunday Dean and I went on a date with another couple. We went to see the O's loose. Still we had great seats and good food. We even held hands and he kissed me in the street. That was our life before kids I thought I forgot how to hold my husband's hand. He even wore his cologne that makes crazy.

When we picked up the girls at my parents house they seemed happy to see us. I know my parents spoiled them rotten all 8 hours . Then we took Hannah and got "frocolate icefeam".I covered both girls with kisses the whole way home.

So that in a nutshell was the highlight of my weekend!!!!!

Oh, I cracked a tooth so now I think I am going to have a root canal. The pain is incredible. I have been going to the same dentist since I was a young kid. He tells me jokes while he cleans my teeth. Please try not to laugh,thanks.

I will have more tomorrow!!!It's a special day in my house.

Sorry this is boring it will get better tomorrow.

P.S. Please tell me something about your weekend that was exciting!!! please please!!


Katie said...

OMG, you cracked a tooth?!? I just went to the dentist and they warned me about that!! They say my fillings need to be fixed or else! I didn't take them seriously and I put it off b/c it is an expensive procedure, but now maybe I'll get it taken care of. Thanks for the warning! I hope your tooth feels better soon!

As for exciting weekends...we went to the zoo to see the panda bears. That was pretty exciting!

Erika said...

Of course I remember you and Hannah. What a small world! So how do you know Katie?

Amanda said...

I know her through Jen (periwinkle)Jen and I are friends with Erin(tale of a babyhuman). So now I think we all should get together.Bloggers unite!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee said...

How sweet of your husband. Mark and I went out to eat for the time without kids in 2 years two weekends ago! It was nice. We need to do it more often.