Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dearest MaryGrace,

You are 8 months old today and that doesn't seem right. Mommy and Daddy are enjoying you so much. You have been such a blessing in our lives and we love you very much.

You love to roll and roll. You roll to get to what you see and want to play with.You get into everything and make a mess.It seems you learned to do that from your sister. Speaking of Hannah you love her so much. She is very protective of you and loves you very much. One day last week you both were on your tummies playing together with a toy. You rolled over and kissed her on the cheek. I thought it was so cute because it is usually Hannah giving you kisses also love it when Hannah wakes you up in the morning. I can here you giggle in the morning and I know that Hannah is in the room with you.

You are happy and smile all the time,I call it the gummy smile. You do not like it when we take something away from you that you are not suppose to have. You scream with anger when Hannah teases you and takes a toy away. You love to play peek-aboo with Hannah and I. You start laughing really hard and want more and more.

When I come home at night ,if I don't pick you up right away you cry really hard. You just want mommy time because you missed me. I love when you suck on my cheeks and start laughing really hard and they you do your adorable monkey squeals. To everybody else that doesn't know you, they think you are upset. I know how happy you are.

When you see your ba bot (bottle) you go crazy like you haven't eaten in a year. I love when you fall asleep in my arms after a good feeding. You love you baby banana yogurt. I get all kinds of sounds when I feed you that know you are done eating because you start your raspberries.

You are such a sweet baby. You just love your Daddy. You smile when he walks in the room. You give him a smile then say "AH" like you are saying Hi. I think you are turning into a daddies girl. You have your moments when you just want me.

Your red hair is really coming in fast. Your bald spot is not there anymore,yeah!! You have so much fun in your Johnny jump up and you will jump for at least 30 minutes then we say to you ,"go Gracie go Gracie go go go". You take off jumping and laughing non stop.

You and Hannah have made my life so wonderful. I love everyday that I get to hold you and look forward to the days to come. I am so glad that you are my little girl. I love you MaryGrace.


Anne said...

These are the nicest kinds of things for your chldren to read when they are older and hating you, school, and life in general. Then, they will remember your feelings when they have children of their own. And they'll totally get it.

Renee said...

Happy 8 month birthday, MaryGrace!
She sounds like such a sweetie.

Jamie said...

Happy 8 month birthday to your sweet red-headed girl! The rolling baby phase is so cute. She'll be crawling soon!!