Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Freaking Pumpkin Farm!!!

Hannah had her first field trip ever. We went to a Pumpkin farm. It was actually a great day.

Dean dropped off the hurricane Gracie off. Hannah and I loaded up and met all the mother's and kids from her class. My friend Rachel who just has a heart of gold and lots of fun drove us.

Allison and Hannah held hands cause their buddies. They played on the swing set with the other classmates. Then we got on the wagon for a fun hay ride. They took us back to the pumpkin field and red us a story. Then picked our pumpkins and some gourds. Got back and headed back. Then we had refreshments and played some more. It was a great time.

Hannah slept for 4 hours when we got home.

I really haven't mentioned this. I have made some pretty awesome friends from her school. There are some awesome women in that group and a few of them have become my good friends. I mean good when I say we help each other with our kids. We walk the trail a lot during the week. Rachael that I mentioned earlier had us over during school so the little one's could play. The cool thing is we have 3 year olds in the same class. Then we have 1 year olds and they play well together.

I made another great friend named Jen. We really have the same things in common. She has a great heart and very upbeat. Her 1 year old is so cute too. Jason and Gracie play really well together. In fact they saw each other and gave a big hug and then held hands.

Rachael bought coffee the other day because I forgot my wallet. She invited us to her house to play. So I took Jason and Gracie to her house. She walked Travis and I out the 2 little ones in the double. We took a long walk and talked the whole time. It was really a great time.

I am really blessed to have met these moms. They have been so much fun. I think life is so much easier when you can talk about life,marriage and kids to other people. I love that they have excepted me the way that I am. I really look forward to Tues,and Thurs. Hannah does great in school and I get mommy time with Gracie and other Mom's and their kids.

So Rachael and Jen if you are reading this and I know you are. Thank you for making this transition easy. I am have a great time with my 3 hours of freedom from a 3 year old.

Gosh I love preschool!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sunday's sermon was on being thankful always. It got really thinking the last 2 days. So here is my post on being thankful.

I am a daughter that is thankful for having 2 awesome parents. They never say no to me. They are always there for me and my girls. I am thankful because they have they have taught me a lot.

I am a sister to a brother and a older sister. We are unique in our personalities that define us. I am thankful because no matter what I can call on them and they are there.

I am a loyal friend. I thankful for the friends that God has put in my life. He has blessed me with such great people that love me for who I am.

I am a wife to the most wonderful man. I found my prince that loves me for everything that I am and I do. I am thankful because he has made me a better person.

I most thankful for being a mother. My children are my life and my heart. I do everything everyday for them. I laugh and cry daily because God me them. They are beautiful girls. I pray that they don't loose their way in life. That they always keep their eye on the cross. Always follow God's plan and love him forever.

So I feel better now. Being Thankful is such a great gift.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Need A Reminder To Blog

I am really busy lately. I know it's been a month I hardly have time to eat latley.
So here's life in bullets

doing great in school-loves it
got a playset in our back yard
follows me everywhere
become an expert in back talk
no potty training
her new best friend is Cameron our neighbor

her vocab is so much better
so damm cute that girl
mastered the slide outback
becoming a mama's girl
the comic of the family
loves to take walks just with me
loves to hold my hand

busy teaching religion
busy with work
busy with Hannah's school
busy with the girl's
busy on tuesday's and thursday's doing stuff with the mother's from Hannah school while Hannah is in school.
looking forward to nap time
having a 89th birthday party for my Nan at the Maryland zoo
loving every part of my life
Did I mention I love my Hannah and Gracie. They Rock!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Somebody Pass Me The Freaking Lemonade!!

Hannah has not been sick all year I don't think. OF course the day before school she has a bad ear infection. So I don't send Hannah to school thinking she needs her rest. You know being in pain and all. Is that Murphy's Law?

Hannah is feeling better I think. I feel bad for her. I hate ear infections with a passion. So she has her first official day at preschool on Thursday with out me.

So I have become really busy . I start teaching this weekend. The 9th graders are really in for it this year. This semester I am teaching about morality! Their going to get a ear full. Sunday I have been recruited to meet and greet at our church with the new member breakfast. We will See how that goes with 2 toddlers at toe.

Is Hannah still considered a toddler? I don't know that one. Do You?

I think that Gracie has reached the terrible 2's. She gives me a hard time about a lot of stuff. I love just observing her. She is great entertainment after a long day. Her personality is really coming out also. She is very loving and rotten at the same time. She has 2 new pharses. "I want"(fill whatever she wants) Then, "I eat otdog" ( the h is silent in Gracie's world". She just cracks me up. The other one I love is "My Mommie".

I have also noticed that Gracie loves to ride in the stroller. I can go anywhere and she is happy riding in the stroller. Gracie calls her blankie her "boppie". So give her, her boppie and binkie and she is happy in the stroller.

Dean is keeping busy with work. Please keep him in your prayers that he gets promoted soon. He has worked very hard the last 2 years.

Things are going well here. I am feeling really good. I started the Lupron and I think it's starting to work. I am not in a lot of pain like I was. So yeah for that. I hope that I am pregnant this time next year.

I will try and keep up with my blogging. If I haven't commented or visited lately. Don't worry I'll be back.

Everybody have a great week!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Dear Hannah,

I can't believe you are starting preschool in 2 days. It feels like just yesterday I was holding you in the hospital. You have grown so much, that I wish I could freeze time and keep you 3.

You amaze me everyday with your words and actions. You are very smart and the things you remember just astound me. You are the best big sister ever. You are always helping me with Gracie. You give her lots of love when she needs it. You help me with her diapers. You make her laugh. You make me laugh everyday. Your smile lights up the room and it makes my heart bigger. Hannah, you are just a wonderful little girl. Everyday I try to tell you how awesome you are.

I want you to know as you grow,some days may be hard. You might find a task frustrating and no fun. Kids may tease you and hurt your feelings. Some days might be a real downer. You never have to worry because mommy will always be here for you. I love you so much and you never have to question that. You have made my life wonderful. I am a better person because of you.

I love when you sing to me and dance. I love when you tell silly jokes to make me laugh. You fill me up when you tell me that I am the best mommy. I love holding your hand when we take walks outside. You are a great big helper.

Thank You my sweet B. I love you so much.



Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just Trying To Understand

I realize as I write this I do have 2 beautiful girls. They are the light of my life and the reason I get up every morning. I am grateful everyday to have them in my life. They make me laugh,smile and cry sometimes.

I am just overwhelmed with a lot of things right now. It's seems I can't catch a break. Someone please explain to me how I have Endometriosis and a large cyst on my right ovary. I thought having 2 kids would take care of this. I am in pain everyday and it never lets up. I am just tired from all this,again I feel overwhelmed.

I wanted to write this for a couple of reasons. First, I want to look back in a couple of years while I am nursing my 3rd baby and tell myself I am a wiener. Second , there are no good posts because by the time the girls are asleep I am wiped out. So when my pity party ends you all will see a better Red Headed Mommy.

So this is what I am dealing with and I hope you all understand.

p.s. Gracie has 1 new phrase,"no mommy" Great(with a sigh)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Okay, So I Am Slow

My life is really busy these days. Work is crazy and I can't wait to come home to be with the girls.

I did it I enrolled Hannah in Preschool. I can't believe that she is starting school. She is really excited about it too. I told her that I went to that preschool too. I also mentioned that her Memom was a teacher there also. She just gets a big smile on her face. She is really ready for this big milestone. I am not sure that I am. I feel like I just had her yesterday. We will see as the days come.

Gracie is so funny these days. He vocab is getting better. She likes to make people laugh. Everything lately is Mommy mommy mommy!!!! She gets upset if I leave her. She is a real luv bug. When she is ready for bed she is ready. Give her a bottle and change her diaper quick or you have some drama .

I start my teaching in September. I am really excited about that. I love to teach young people. I want them to know how important Christ is in their life. My heart is so there sometimes I think the teenagers see me with 2 heads. Whatever it takes for them to love him. I feel really good these days. The doctor's told me to go back to being a mom and wife. That there is really nothing to worry about. So I think I will!!!!!

Well, my husband turned 39 on Friday. I made him a fab meal. He wanted apple pie for his cake. So apple pie he got.

Well I am going to go have a piece of it. I will write more later!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Back!!!!! And Feeling Thankful!!!!

I have to write first that my Mother,my mother in law and husband you all the best. I could not have gotten through this ordeal without you. You took care of me and my beautiful girls.

Dean, when the doctors said that maybe it was a stoke. All I could think of was not being here for you and the girls. I know somehow you would survive because you are a awesome father. You tell me all the time how you need me and I can't imagine not being here for you. Thank you for holding my hand and kissing my head when I was at my worst. You organized the girls to where they needed to be. You got their clothes packed. You never rolled your eyes you just did what you needed to do. You continue to amaze me and I love you so much. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you. I love you so much.

Mom, thank you for keeping the girls being at the hostpital and running around like a crazy person.
I will never forget the horrible pain I was in and I just asked for you and you came to my side. You rubbed my head like you did when I was younger. You never left my side unless to take care of Hannah and Gracie. Thank you for letting me cry when things were frustrating. I love you so much. I am looking forward to dinner next week just you and I.

Stella, you treat me like your own. You give our girls such great love and care. I can always count on you. I love you so much thank you for everything.

Hannah and Gracie I am so sorry that mommy was away. I know you missed me . I am back and I missed you both so much. Mommy loves you!!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

So The Part Where My Head Explodes!!!

This will be real quick!!!! I woke up Monday of last week with 104.5 fever with the worst headche ever. Dean took me to the Er under advisement of my PCP.

After many tests (spinal tap,) every x ray in the world. They first thought I had a stroke then now possibly some form of mennigitis. Now it's a little bit of both. Needless to say I won't go back to that hostpital again.

I feel like my brain has been fried. Somehow I remembered to write to you all. So I will be at the doctor's a lot this week. If you have my phone number call me because there probaly won't be a lot of internet action this week.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

So Much To Tell

Well I had my kidney stone removed last Wednesday. I am in some pain from the stint that is in my kidney and bladder. It is in for a week so I can heal properly. I spent 2 days at my mom and dads with the girls. My mom took care of Hannah and Gracie so I could rest. I feel fine as long as I am taking pain meds. The girls are easy but I still have to take it easy.

Saturday my friend Lori and I took the 3 year olds to see Shrek 3. We had a good time. It was Hannah's first movie in the theater. She love the soda and popcorn. Then we took the kids and did father's day shopping. Dean got his presents as soon as we came home. Hannah walked in and said ,"Daddy we got you books and shirts and a hat".

The movie and all the walking tired me out. So Dean let me go to bed earlier. I was just wiped out.

This morning I slept in because I was really hurting. If you have noticed Dean has been just the best about me resting.

I surprised Dean this afternoon and told that we had reservations at Sabatino's with our friends Lori and her husband Pat. We even took the kids and that went well. Sabatino's is our special place. We had our first date,got engaged and had our wedding rehearsal dinner there. It's in Little Italy in downtown Baltimore. Then I braved it and we walked around the Harbor. So we really had a good day. Hannah and Gracie were so much fun. They gave their daddy lots of lov'n. I was reminded again why I want so many kids. My husband is a awesome dad and a wonderful husband. Ask Gracie she thinks he's the best.

Gracie is having word explosion to the max. She is talking up a storm. She has learned where her eyes,ears,and nose is. She even says it too. She calls her blankie and binky her bappy. She woke up the other morning and pointed to her bottle and said,"ba bott". She is not afraid to stand up to Hannah. I have seen some pushing. She says,"hi " the cutest way. Gracie is so lovable and sensitive. She likes to wrap her arms around your neck and hug you. I think that is my favorite. When Gracie poops in her diaper she squats and says eeewww!!. A lot of things she says,"uh oh" about. Mostly when she drops her bappy. I am just loving this age.

Well, Hannah is being a true 3 year old. She is definitely a Mama's girl. She follows me every where I go. Her hair is so long that she really loves to have it braided or a ponytail. She is becoming more of a big girl everyday. Sometimes it's tough but she really is smart. Hannah has the most lovable and concerned side yet . All week she has said," Mommy am I making you feel better"? Dean raised his voice to me and she was quick to say ,"guys guys guys let's talk nicely,no fighting okay." Dean and I felt really bad about that. Hannah is very protective of Gracie lately and acts like a little mother. Sometimes I have to step in and correct Hannah for correcting Gracie. Hannah amazes me everyday with her actions and her words.

One thing is for sure. Being a parent is hard work but Hannah and Gracie make easier on some of the hard days. Some days my my heart runneth over and I thank God for allowing me to be a mother. What a wonderful gift by God.

Hope everybody is well!!!! Pictures to come.

Friday, June 01, 2007


On top of my endometriosis, I have 3 kidney stones. The 2 kidney stones are in my right kidney and I am literally passing the other right now.

The surgery for the endometriosis is being put on hold. I am having lithotripsy done to remove the stones. Then after I recover from that I will have surgury for the endometriosis. My plan is to get pregnant very soon after all this.
Dean, has been a big support through all this. I really don't know where I would be right now without him.

So anyway everything in my house is going pretty smooth. Hannah and Gracie are just getting so much cuter everyday.

Gracie pointed to a picture of Elmo and said "Ego". It was so adorable I just laughed really hard. Hannah is so smart that I have to really watch what I say sometimes. She doesn't miss a beat.

Dean is busy with work. He comes home exhausted but he has been a big help with the girls.

I am reading a lot of good books lately. You all have to check out the book by Jodi Piccoult "My Sister's Keeper". It is a real page turner. I read as much as I can. I have 3 other books that are on my list. I will let you know what I think when I am done.

Next Wednesday is my Father's swearing in at the State House. We all are very excited to be there with him.

Well the pain medicine is kicking in I think I will go to bed now. I will post more later.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just Busy

Sorry it's been so long ! I have been extremely busy with what life throws at you.

I am having surgery in a couple weeks. I can't take the pain anymore. So my GYN is going in and lazering the Endometriosis. I am in a lot of pain and not much energy.

I have really big news in my family. Remember the post about my father last July. Well he has been asked to be the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. Our Governor called and he accepted with great honor. He will be leaving his postion as the Baltimore County Police Chief.

He has really worked hard in his life and this is a honorable acheivement. We are jumping for joy in our house.

If you already don't know I adore my father. He is a awesome father,husband and Grandfather.

Good job Dad!!! we love you.

The girls are keeping me busy. I will do some updates as soon as I can. For now I wanted you all to know about my Dad.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Scene- Me opening the car door. Trying to find my wallet while holding Gracie.

Gracie see her blue and white blankie that has been in car for the past 2 days.

Gracie- (in her high pitched voice-sometimes) "Hi, ba ba". and pointing to her blankie.

So all night she held her blankie and called it "Ba Ba".

It was so cute.

Friday, April 27, 2007

What Gracie Says!!!

She had a fever last night.104.8 . In her sad little baby voice ma ma.

I sing OLD Mcdonald she sings E I E I O.

MY mom says Grace it is spelled G R A C E Gracie sings E I E I O!!

Dean left the other day for a meeting. He looks at Gracie after she recked the house. Gracie, please be good for mommy. She says NO No!!!

Apple- bappa

Hannah - a nah


holds her arms out and says "all Ga wn"

So that is what Gracie is saying lately.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gone To The Zoo!!!!! The Maryland Zoo!!!

My favorite part of the Zoo!!!!! It was a beautiful day!!! I had my 3 favorite girls with me. Beth is a great help with the girls. It also helps that she loves the zoo. It was just a beautiful day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!!
Hannah enjoying the Giraffes!!!

" Hey, Ma can I eat it?"

That's a Rhino!!!!

That is a Porcupine "Ouch" Hannah said,"watch your butt"

Hannah and MiMi(a.k.a. Beth) Hannah's namesake and my best friend.

Gracie hugging her blankie!! Don't you wanna squeeze the sweetness out of her. She also said "hi" to all the animals. It was just adorable.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Hannah was on the porch. We (Dean and I) were leaving for work.

Me: "Hannah, look there is your kitty cat".

Hannah: "mommy she's so cute"

Me: "she was waiting for you".

Hannah: "oh, Mommy where did the kitty go"

At this point the cat ran away

Me:" I don't know Hannah"

Hannah: "It went back to Pet Smart".

Monday, April 16, 2007

Doing Some Spring Cleaning!!!

It is spring and it's time to change and adjust. I have things on my mind that just have to get done.

1. I am gonna stop complaining and fix the problem.

2. I am going to let certain things go and understand sometimes things don't work out.

3. My house is going to be spotless.

4. We are remodeling our house.

5. Hannah will be potty trained by June.

6. I am going to loose a lot of weight.

7. I am going to walk more in my neighborhood.

8. I am going to cook more.

9. I am going to enroll Hannah for school.

10. My husband and I are going to go away.

11. spend more time with my Mom.

12.spend more time with my husband's sister and new husband.

13. go to church more. more

15. forgive more

16. laugh more.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

MyThankful List

I haven't written my thankful list in a long time so I thought I would post one. I will try and keep up!

1. my parents they are always there for Dean and I. They are good people and they work hard.

2. My mother in law. She has a big heart,with a lot of room for her kids and grand kids. I love her like my mother. She has great advice and takes good care of our girls.

3. Hannah and Gracie, they take away all my anxiety from life and work. I love them so much I don't know what I would do without them.

4. Hannah's singing, she sings all the time and it's beautiful.

5. Gracie, her goofiness is so funny. Dean pointed out that her personality is really shinning. I think she will be the comedian in the family.

6. My list pf projects at the Home Depot that are going to get done this spring and summer.

7. For Dean, he has an amazing eye for beautiful things for the house. He also is very handy around the house. Most of the projects will be done by him. He is that good.

8. God, he is loving and forgiving and without him I couldn't survive.

9. Mandy Patinkin, his music puts me in a better place.(check him out)

10. For being alive and loving my life.

************* Challenge of the week******* Forgive somebody that you know,And ask God to change you heart to be better.

Hugs and Kisses

Monday, April 09, 2007

Updates And More #2

Happy Easter My Bloggy Friends!!!!!

The Redheaded Family has been very busy!!!! We traveled all over Maryland and see family. I slept the whole time!!!!

In other news the girls had their well visits. The girls pediatrician I use to babysit for. So it's more of a get together and talk about her kids then mine.

Debbie(pediatrician) said Hannah is doing great. Gracie still has some issues but we are working with them. Everything all together is fine and beautiful.She looked at their ears and she said they were beautiful. I think it has something to do with the Zyrtec. Really,what do I know?

This morning I was changing Hannah's diaper to put on her pull up. She says,"Mommy I have Gas". I laughed so hard at 8:00 in the morning. She makes me laugh so much.

Gracie is having word explosion I think. She is trying to say a lot. You can really understand her too.

Dean suprised me with some tile in the kitchen. I love the tile and it's ceramic. I think it's the best one I have seen. The price is good also.

Nothing else to report here in the land of the Red Head.

Someone please comment!!1

Friday, April 06, 2007

I 'll Take Mental Health Day for $100

So I really needed a haircut,bad. So bad that I have been wearing a ponytail for the last 4 weeks. Yeah, I know boring but there's no time.

So the wonderful husband stayed with the girl's so I could get my hair !*!@&@&^ chopped off. It was really supposed to be a trim but really when does the Hair Cuttery listen. So I was at the Mall with all the other crazy peoples. I decided to go to Macy's because I had birthday money and I was going to by some sassy work clothes. So now I have a cute hair cut and cool work clothes.

I have a big meeting at work so I want to impress. I shot off my mouth at work the other day so I want to make nice with the big guy.

So after my haircut I walked the Mall and realized I missed my girls so I went home. That was my morning to myself and it was wonderful.

So my little Gracie is really having a bad time with Eczema and Asthma. I feel so bad for her she just wants to walk around naked. Her little back has a big patch of eczema that she is very um comfortable. I got out my magic mixes out and hopefully she will be better soon. The doctor put her on Pulmicort once day for her asthma. It's really frustrating for her. It's like she knows that she needs her Albuterol. She hands me her mask and sure enough she is wheezing.

Not much going on with Hannah. Except that she amazes me everyday with something sweet. Turning 3 has really made her different. She has really grown up.

Well this post could have been great but my computer is going slower than a old lady driving in the pouring rain.

So I wish you a Happy Easter And Many Of God's Blessings. Easter Pictures to Come.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!

What I am grateful for,at the age of 30!!!! husband!

2. Hannah and Gracie

3. My friend Beth who knows that I am going through a tough time right now and came out this weekend to help me.

4. my friends

5. for God

6. some of my family.

7. the art of forgiveness

8. laughing and crying

9. loving even when it hurts

10. my wild side!!!

11. going to the Zoo when ever I want!!!


13. Red Robin

14. my 5 minute drive to work.

15. my boss

My next post is " What I have learned in 30 years!!!!!

Oh, feel free to wish me a Happy Birthday!!! Guarenteed my Husband didn't get me a gift and my family doesn't call.

This birthday gig sucks!!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I Have A Blog?!!!

This is a picuture of Hannah 2 days old!!! Could you just fall in love? I did!!!!

Where have I been? I am not sure . I just know that there are not enough hours in the day.

Hannah and Gracie are just so much fun. I love my 4 days off with them. Some days Dean is off also and we get to all play together.

Hannah turned 3 on the 16th. She had a great birthday and got a lot of cool girly things. Her favorite gift I think was her bike from my inlaws. She just sits on it and waits for me to help her .She is just amazing and smart. We started a behavior chart because I was tired of raising my voice. She is responding to it and listening better. I think she gets the idea because she is really doing well with it.

Potty training is a dead issue. I don't know why but she refuse to do it. I think I need 4 daYS off together and maybe it will happen.

She asks to pray every night and she thanks God for everybody we know. I am really proud of that. She is loving and kind and she will woo you with her personality. She has accomplished a lot in 3 years and I am so proud.

Gracie girl, she cracks me up. Tell her that she needs her diaper changed. She goes to the closet and gets a diaper and brings it to you. She taught herself how to go up and down the stairs. She does it well. She started saying Ma ma! It melts my heart every time. Tonight Hannah asked to pray and Gracie folded her hands. She's not saying many words but she does communicate what she wants. Ask Gracie if she is hungry she will nod her head to say "yes". She will out eat her sister any time of the day. With Gracie's asthma we found out that she is allergic to milk. She is on Zyrtec and nigh and the Nebulizer once a day. Poor little baby!!! She is doing well I think with all the changes.

I am doing well,thank you. I am busy at work and exhausted after 3 12hour days. I am meeting some wonderful people and making some friends. Don't worry I love you!!!!

I am in a lot of pain all the time and hoping that Lupron fixes the problem.

Spring is coming and can't wait to be outside more with the girls. We are going to N. Carolina in May and I am so excited. I can't for the girls to see the beach.

I am sure that I am missing something but I promise to fill you in more. It's late and I think I should go to bed.

Be Back Soon!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just So Darn Happy!!!

Do you like my new look? do ya do ya!!!!

Is it wrong that I love my job and after 4 days of being off I can't wait to go back? I love my girls, you all should know that by now. I just love the people that I work with. I am exhausted by the 10Th hour but I am happy.

I love coming home in the evening and the girls are bonkers excited to see me. I can hear from my car "mommy is home". I just love hearing those words. I don't like hearing from my husband "Hannah didn't listen to me at all" She is in the terrible 2's need I say more.

In other news the girls are adapting to my work schedule. Hannah is very excited to know that I am off. However she is not happy when I go back to work. Hannah sings all the time; like she sings to tell us what she is doing next. It's really the cutest thing.

Gracie girl,oh I don't think she could get any cuter. She is so lovable and sweet. She always has a smile on her face. She really likes to laugh and be tickled. She wants to be kissed all the time. I was teaching her some sign language. She is confused so when I say I love you Gracie, she will blow a kiss. She adores her daddy and Hannah. She walks up to Hannah and says "hi" then Hannah hugs her and then you heart Gracie say "Aw". It's so funny!!!

Dean, I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of him. He is up again for another promotion. He is wowing his superiors. He comes home from a long day and is very helpful. I am having some health problems and he is taking over with the girls. He has been making dinner every night and lets me go to bed early. I love him so much!

I would like to clarify something. This crazy person who I have made my blog private. She said some horrible mean things to me and my husband. They are unforgivable hateful things. I am a forgivable person but do not insult my husband or my parenting skills. Especially when your kids are monsters and don't have any manners. Enough said on the "crazy person" in my family.

The girls and I are spending the day with my mother. My dad has to work all day so we are going to keep her company. You locals don't go to the Zoo is going to be crowded this weekend.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Crazy People!!!

Due to a certain member in my family going crazy that I have a blog and needed to tell me that I am crazy. I have decided to make this invite only. So there!!!

I am sorry you all have to go through all this to read my blog. Please stay with me and be patient. I love you all and would be sad if you left me.

Life is going well. The girls are keeping me busy. I love work and everything else very very busy.

So what have you all been up to? Please tell!!!! Hug and kisses!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just Some Thoughts

I miss R*Belle. She made me laugh a lot.

I had fun the other day with Erin and Ben.
Hannah is very difficult to take to the store.

It's mighty cold out!!!! The wind is pretty wild.

I love the watch my husband bought for me for Valentine's Day. It really beats the moose munch bar I got him. I feel like an Ass.

I think I am addicted to simple pleasures by Tide. I wonder if they have a group for those kinds of addictions.

Gracie has such a sweet personality.

I wonder where KelliBelly is? She hasn't called me back.

I miss my parents their in California for business.

The girl's have to many toys!!

So does anybody else have some crazy thoughts? Please share!!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Love It !!!!

So I started my new job, I love it!!!!! I work 3 twevle hour days and have 4 days off. How awesome is that?!! I get a discount and the people are great. It's a pharmacy chain you all have heard of. I started today, I just feel really good about it.

In other news Gracie has been diagnosed with Asthma. So I haven't left the house in two weeks. I have been doing everything when Dean gets home.

Hannah might have to have tubes in her ears. I am not worried about it, I have gotten some names for good doctors.

I am really looking forward to being home more. I have had a really good time being with Hannah and Gracie. They are doing such great things lately that I have been relieved to be home.

I start teaching again this weekend. I am very excited about that. I have so much to be thankful for.

Dean is doing really with everything. He won $1,000 at work. Something about great customer service. I am so proud of him,I love that man.

Remind me to tell you the Nun story about Gracie. It's really really funny.

Oh, I went to the Gyn and my endometriosis is back. I don't understand how because didn't I just have a baby. So Dean and I have a lot decsions to make. Oh, we have made them it's just difficult to explain.

I am hanging out with my inlaws this weekend. I think it will be fun. Maybe I will take pictures.Actually I am at my in-laws now and we are having pizza. Gotta go !!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just A Day

While some of you are writing about your first years of blogging. I will be saying goodbye to a job that I have loved for two years.The doors will be closing and we will say goodbye to all our customers. I have built a lot of good relationships in the two years of being here. I am sad today because tomorrow I will not get up and come to work. I am sad because tomorrow I will not do my morning routine of running around and trying to get to work on time. Tonight I will not lay my clothes out and pack the girls bags. I will miss this place I called my 2nd home. It has seen me through a lot; pregnancy,miscarriage, My kids first birthdays,my wedding anniversary and many other things. I will miss the two people that I worked day in day out with. Our daily conversations about lunch and whatever was going on in the world.

Tomorrow I will get up and start my day in my pajamas. Feed the girls their breakfast and get them dressed. The only major decsions will be where to go to lunch after Gracie's well visit. Oh, and the usual what's for dinner. I think I will enjoy my short time off with my kids.Hopefully I will find a job that I will like just as much. While I can I am going to have fun with my little girls. So if you don't here from me I will be knee deep playing with little people.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

About Me!!!!

Thanks to all my bloggy friends. Writing this is going to be fun.

1. How did I meet my Husband Dean?

I met him in a bar. We spotted each other from across the way. He came up to me we started to talk. I thought he was so sweet. He bought me a drink and we sat outside in the drizzle and talked for 2 hours. He remembered where I worked and after my rounds he brought me a bouquet of flowers. My grandfather had just died and he wanted to brighten my day. We have been together ever since and I love him more than words can say.

2. What is my dream vacation if I had all the resources?
When Dean and I got married we didn't go on a honeymoon. So my dream vacation would be somewhere warm with him. Where we could lay around and drink with no kids around. Reconnect as a married couple physically and emotionally. Maybe 1o days together would be my dream.

3. What would be my dream job?

I really love this question. I am really into baby gear and the safety and quality. I have done so much research on the safest and best products. I read about all recalls. I would love to start a business that would help first time mom's and dad's plan what they need. It's so overwhelming to go shopping and pick what you need. I would keep their registry on file with receipt's. Register their products to the company in case of recalls. Education is the most important when buying something. It's not about the trends or the cutsie stuff and mostly the cost. It is about the safety and durability of the product. Everything I own baby product wise has never had a recall. I have never worried about safety because I did the research.

I actually had a company ask me to be their consultant. It involved a lot of traveling and I just had Hannah. So it really wasn't the right timing.

Did you know the infant and toddler seats expire after 3 years. Check the exp. date. It is not safe to use anything after the 3 years. Only because of safety regulations.

4. What's the last movie I saw?
The last movie I saw in the Theater was "Ladder 49". The last movie on DVD was The "Devil Wears Prada" Great movie.

5. What do I do for a Living?
I work in Pharmacy retail. I miss the hostpital part. I would go back in a heartbeat.

6. Do I plan to have anymore children?
I would like 2 more babies. Dean and I are from big families. We thrive on chaos.

7. Tell us about your highschool boyfriend? (thanks Erin)

His name is Tom. We met on the bus in sophomore year. We were bestfriends and did everything together.He saw me through some crappy stuff. When you love someone and things don't workout you try and let go. All I ever wanted for him was to be happy. He is married to a awesome girl who rocks the universe.I am thrilled she is my friend. Tom is happy, at that in a nutshell is what I wanted 11 years ago when we brokeup.Tom is married to Erin -the blog known as Tale of a Baby Human. They really are perfect for each other.

8. My favorite adult beverage?

It depends on my mood. If I am out to dinner with my husband a glass of Pinot Grigio. If I am with a group of people "sex on the beach" on "Smirnoff Ice".

9. One thing I am good at?

Meeting people and being comfortable. My husband says people are drawn to me.

10. One thing I am bad at?

Being pregnant. I get so sick and end up in the hostpital a lot. I can't leave out I am a horrible housekeeper.

11. Bikini, brief, thong or commando? LOLSexy brief!!! Gotta be comfortable at all times.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Really, What Do You Want To Know?

I got this idea from Jamie. Five things you don't know about me. I am sure you all are at the edge of your seats. So I am thinking something different.

How about some things you want to know about me. Leave a question in the comment section and I will answer them all in one big post. I think it will be fun. Ask away!!!

This questionnaire will end Jan 17. So please participate. If you don't I will think nobody wants to know anything about me. Then I will feel like a looser. So please ask me something.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My New Lamp!!!!

My husband suprised me with a Tiffany Lamp. It's not going to stay in the middle of the room. I just wanted to show you all, my present. It matches the living room perfectly. It has made my week. It has been a not so great new year. I think he was trying to make me smile......and he did.

I have to go and kiss my husband now!!!!

Wait...... Do you like it?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thankful Sunday Cause Mondays Are To Busy!

1. for my friends being there for me this week.

2. Hannah's pediatrician she's just good.

3. My friend Mark for being a good friend. He also doesn't get bored with my kid stories.

4. My dad letting Hannah and I come see him at work even when he is busy.

5. My friend Donna and her husband Adam. They came over with their kids Jacob and Ava; Saturday night and it was great fun.

6. The way Gracie smiles when I walk in the door.

7. My husband just making me smile when I feel low. I love that man of mine.

8. Jamie for reminding me to be grateful for my friends.

9. For my parents who have been so helpful with my girls.

10. Thankful Hannah loving my favorite movie "Annie". She knows most of the words.

11. Thankful for God, he has a plan for me that makes me love and trust him more everyday.

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Sweet Sweet Hannah

Hannah has been watching a lot of Annie the Musical. She looks at me and says,"I love you Miss Hannigan". That's a bad sign right?

We were coming upstairs she was in front of me I paused for a minute she looks at me and says "come on Mommy you can do it".

Then yesterday she tried taking My friend Mark's credit card to go to Toys R'US. She even pointed to where the store was.

I love my Hannah Girl!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

100 Things About Me *revised edition*

1. I have red hair
2. I have blue eyes
3. I am 29 while I write this post.
4. I have a older brother and sister.
5. My mom and I look a lot alike.
6. Gracie looks just like me when I was a baby.
7. My background and career is pharmacy.
8. My favorite food is a cheesesteak sub with everything on it.
9. I met my husband at a bar.
10. I am not a big drinker.
11. I remember everybody's face and name.
12. I love perfume.
13. I love thunderstorms.
14. My husband says I am a good shopper.
15. I have 6 babystrollers.
16.My husband and I had our first date, got engaged,had our wedding rehearsal at the same place.
17.I drive a Black Ford Explorer.
18. I love my SUV
19. I used to teach aerobics.
20. Walking the girls in the double stroller is now my excercise.
21. I sang in the honors choir in highschool.
22. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 10th grade.
23. Since then I have had 5 surgeries and 2 babies.
24. Holding my husband's hand makes me feel better.
25. In 2 years we want to renew our wedding vowels.
26. I am very afraid of heights.
27. I love going to church............Alone.
28. My grandfather's death brought me back to the church.
29. I really want a black Labrador retriever.
30. Our wedding song is "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You".
31. The band that played at our wedding was playing the night we met.
32. My wedding was the best wedding I ever went to.
33. We never went on a honeymoon.
34. I've been to Ireland.
35. I have a Rosary from Pope John Paul II who gave it to Cardianl K he gave it to me so I would remember my faith.
35. Mary Grace is named after the Blessed Mother
36. Hannah's name came from the bible, read the story of Hannah and Samuel and you will understand.
37.I love shopping for baby stuff.
38.I make an awesome meatloaf.
39. Mandy Patinkin makes my heart melt.
40. My favorite TV show is Greys Anatomy.
41.I love taking naps.
42. I am a magazine junkie.
43. My girls make me smile after a long day.
44. I love to sit with my kids and play toys.
45. My favorite movie is "When A Man Loves A Women". I saw it in highschool I cried like a baby.
46. I got a baby bjorn carrier for $2.00 once at a yard sale never used.
47.I love my double stroller.
48. I worked once at a soup kitchen in highschool it made me sad I never went back.
49. I used to give speeches for various church groups on the power of prayer.
50. I met Bertice Berry once I had to pick her up at the Airport. She was a lot of fun to be with.
51. When I was a senior in highschool my father chaperoned a trip to NYC we had a great time. He new the place like the back of his hand.
52. When I was in highschool my father and I went to Hershey Park just the two of us. He taught me how to close my eyes and put my arms in the air for the roller coasters.
53. I can walk to Target from my house.
55. I love Target it's my happy place.
56. I love Chinese food.
57. I love to read.
58. I have great chilhood memories.
59. When I was in highschool my senior year we had a bomb threat.
60.I have done a lot of research on baby gear and other accessories.
61.I love love love Babies R Us.
62. My husband does an awesome taco night.
63. I love to make meatloaf.
65. I have a Dyson and love to vacuum.
66.I would like to have 2 more kids.
67.I am having a hard time thinking of other things about me.
68. SO I will stop.
* I am really trying to come up with more stuff about me.*
69. My friend MArk told me to continue 100 things about me.
70. I have a friend named Mark he knows too much about me. Actually he could write this list.
71.I am a good shopper.
72. I try to be a good friend.
73.I hate mice.
75. I love lipstick.
76 Giving Hannah and Gracie tubbies(bath time)love it.
77.The feeling when I lay down in bed after a long day.
78.I do not like to talk about politics.
79.I believe everybody should have healthcare.
80. I think electricity is a nesscity not a privalge.
81.I can get really irriatated with stupid people.
82.There is nothing like a good pair of pj's at night.
83.I love to sing in the car.
84.I hate running late.
85.I really have a problem with that.
86.I been to Ireland.
87. It is really green there.
88. Guiness tasted better there too.
89. I want 4 kids.
90. I love big familys
91. Christmas is my favorite holiday with my family.
92.My Hannah is the first girl born in 18 years on my side of the family.
93.Hey look I am at 93
94. I really can't wait for this list to be over.
95. I have just started to like coffee.
96. I really get awful migraines.
97. my husband thinks I'm pretty.
98. I make my husband smile.
99. Dean knows how to push my buttons.
100. This list was hard.

What A Day!!

On my way to Lunch at the Red Robin I called work to talk to my boss about something. So I found out today that the company I work for is shutting down their Pharmacy Department. So I amd out of a job in three weeks.
So I ask for your good thoughts and prayers that I soon find another job. I have some leads already so hopefully it will be alright.

I had lunch with a good friend today. Marc took me and Hannah to lunch. He cheered me up and it was a fun time. The Red Robin has the best burgers in the world. So thank you Mark for being there for me today. You always know what to say.

Hannah had another high fever. I thought it was her toe because she stubed it the other day. It was purple and didn't look good. So after lunch I took her to the Doctor and she has another ear infection. Yeah for me.

So I had a really great post about my New Year's hopes. I am now not in the mood. So maybe later.

Anyway I leave you with a picture of Hannah and Mark. He came for breakfast one morning for a church meeting. He is the reason I love youth ministry and want to teach. He is a great leader and friend. Mark thanks so much you rock!!!