Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just So Darn Happy!!!

Do you like my new look? do ya do ya!!!!

Is it wrong that I love my job and after 4 days of being off I can't wait to go back? I love my girls, you all should know that by now. I just love the people that I work with. I am exhausted by the 10Th hour but I am happy.

I love coming home in the evening and the girls are bonkers excited to see me. I can hear from my car "mommy is home". I just love hearing those words. I don't like hearing from my husband "Hannah didn't listen to me at all" She is in the terrible 2's need I say more.

In other news the girls are adapting to my work schedule. Hannah is very excited to know that I am off. However she is not happy when I go back to work. Hannah sings all the time; like she sings to tell us what she is doing next. It's really the cutest thing.

Gracie girl,oh I don't think she could get any cuter. She is so lovable and sweet. She always has a smile on her face. She really likes to laugh and be tickled. She wants to be kissed all the time. I was teaching her some sign language. She is confused so when I say I love you Gracie, she will blow a kiss. She adores her daddy and Hannah. She walks up to Hannah and says "hi" then Hannah hugs her and then you heart Gracie say "Aw". It's so funny!!!

Dean, I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of him. He is up again for another promotion. He is wowing his superiors. He comes home from a long day and is very helpful. I am having some health problems and he is taking over with the girls. He has been making dinner every night and lets me go to bed early. I love him so much!

I would like to clarify something. This crazy person who I have made my blog private. She said some horrible mean things to me and my husband. They are unforgivable hateful things. I am a forgivable person but do not insult my husband or my parenting skills. Especially when your kids are monsters and don't have any manners. Enough said on the "crazy person" in my family.

The girls and I are spending the day with my mother. My dad has to work all day so we are going to keep her company. You locals don't go to the Zoo is going to be crowded this weekend.


nelly said...

wow! love the new look =) still sorry to hear about crazy person, but hope you don't take any of it to heart! you are a wonderfully mommy and wife, i am so sure of that!!!

isn't it awesome how hannah and gracie interact? my boys are the same...though micah still learning to share! whoa! what a job!!!

nelly said...

thanks for your comment! very cool that you lived in ireland or i guess stayed in ireland for a month! i would love to spend that much time there!!! when were you there and which part?

nelly said...

county cavan is great! we went there for holiday in 2004, just before micah came along! i haven't been to galway yet, would love to.
have been to dublin, cork, kilkenny and sligo =)

jkmom said...

Hello It's Amy. I think I have this figured out. I have a new screen name. You'll have to try and find my blog - "Life with an LD child"