Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!

What I am grateful for,at the age of 30!!!! husband!

2. Hannah and Gracie

3. My friend Beth who knows that I am going through a tough time right now and came out this weekend to help me.

4. my friends

5. for God

6. some of my family.

7. the art of forgiveness

8. laughing and crying

9. loving even when it hurts

10. my wild side!!!

11. going to the Zoo when ever I want!!!


13. Red Robin

14. my 5 minute drive to work.

15. my boss

My next post is " What I have learned in 30 years!!!!!

Oh, feel free to wish me a Happy Birthday!!! Guarenteed my Husband didn't get me a gift and my family doesn't call.

This birthday gig sucks!!!!!!


nelly said...

awww, bless! happy*birthday darling!!! hope you had an awesome day =)
p.s. you're pink page makes me happy every time i open it!!

Renee said...

Thanks for inviting me to share in your blog! I would love to have a 5 minute drive to work!

OddMix said...

Happy Birthday! Here is your virtual present. It is a scented candle for your newly private blog. Hope you like cinnamon.

jkmom said...

Happy Birhtday! I hope it was a great day! ...We have spring break here, this week and next (different schedules for each kid) Maybe we can find time to get together!