Friday, April 06, 2007

I 'll Take Mental Health Day for $100

So I really needed a haircut,bad. So bad that I have been wearing a ponytail for the last 4 weeks. Yeah, I know boring but there's no time.

So the wonderful husband stayed with the girl's so I could get my hair !*!@&@&^ chopped off. It was really supposed to be a trim but really when does the Hair Cuttery listen. So I was at the Mall with all the other crazy peoples. I decided to go to Macy's because I had birthday money and I was going to by some sassy work clothes. So now I have a cute hair cut and cool work clothes.

I have a big meeting at work so I want to impress. I shot off my mouth at work the other day so I want to make nice with the big guy.

So after my haircut I walked the Mall and realized I missed my girls so I went home. That was my morning to myself and it was wonderful.

So my little Gracie is really having a bad time with Eczema and Asthma. I feel so bad for her she just wants to walk around naked. Her little back has a big patch of eczema that she is very um comfortable. I got out my magic mixes out and hopefully she will be better soon. The doctor put her on Pulmicort once day for her asthma. It's really frustrating for her. It's like she knows that she needs her Albuterol. She hands me her mask and sure enough she is wheezing.

Not much going on with Hannah. Except that she amazes me everyday with something sweet. Turning 3 has really made her different. She has really grown up.

Well this post could have been great but my computer is going slower than a old lady driving in the pouring rain.

So I wish you a Happy Easter And Many Of God's Blessings. Easter Pictures to Come.

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