Thursday, January 04, 2007

What A Day!!

On my way to Lunch at the Red Robin I called work to talk to my boss about something. So I found out today that the company I work for is shutting down their Pharmacy Department. So I amd out of a job in three weeks.
So I ask for your good thoughts and prayers that I soon find another job. I have some leads already so hopefully it will be alright.

I had lunch with a good friend today. Marc took me and Hannah to lunch. He cheered me up and it was a fun time. The Red Robin has the best burgers in the world. So thank you Mark for being there for me today. You always know what to say.

Hannah had another high fever. I thought it was her toe because she stubed it the other day. It was purple and didn't look good. So after lunch I took her to the Doctor and she has another ear infection. Yeah for me.

So I had a really great post about my New Year's hopes. I am now not in the mood. So maybe later.

Anyway I leave you with a picture of Hannah and Mark. He came for breakfast one morning for a church meeting. He is the reason I love youth ministry and want to teach. He is a great leader and friend. Mark thanks so much you rock!!!


Erika said...

Oh man, Amanda! I'm so sorry about your job. But, I have faith that this will lead you to something else that was meant to be. When my husband lost his job 5 years ago we were devastated and didn't know what the next step was. But because he lost his job, he had to find a new one and it led him to his current job which is MUCH better in so many different ways. (Salary, benefits, the company in general!) So I hope that this will be the same for you and that it will give you a new opportunity that you didn't know you needed. Keep us updated!!!

Anne said...

I have to agree. The last time I lost my job actually turned out to be a blessing. Finding a new one can be stressful but you'll come through it on top!

BlondeMom said...

I'm so sorry! I agree with may find something even better. When God closes one door, he always opens another one (sorry to get preachy...but chin up!)

nelly said...

i agree with the others! chin up, god is in control! i'm glad that you had someone to be with that day! i'm sure that helped!!