Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thankful Sunday Cause Mondays Are To Busy!

1. for my friends being there for me this week.

2. Hannah's pediatrician she's just good.

3. My friend Mark for being a good friend. He also doesn't get bored with my kid stories.

4. My dad letting Hannah and I come see him at work even when he is busy.

5. My friend Donna and her husband Adam. They came over with their kids Jacob and Ava; Saturday night and it was great fun.

6. The way Gracie smiles when I walk in the door.

7. My husband just making me smile when I feel low. I love that man of mine.

8. Jamie for reminding me to be grateful for my friends.

9. For my parents who have been so helpful with my girls.

10. Thankful Hannah loving my favorite movie "Annie". She knows most of the words.

11. Thankful for God, he has a plan for me that makes me love and trust him more everyday.


BlondeMom said...

I'm glad to be there for ya! Your Saturday night sounds fun.

Katie said...

Ah ha! I knew it! #10 says Annie is your favorite movie! I love it too! I think every little girl does.