Friday, January 05, 2007

My Sweet Sweet Hannah

Hannah has been watching a lot of Annie the Musical. She looks at me and says,"I love you Miss Hannigan". That's a bad sign right?

We were coming upstairs she was in front of me I paused for a minute she looks at me and says "come on Mommy you can do it".

Then yesterday she tried taking My friend Mark's credit card to go to Toys R'US. She even pointed to where the store was.

I love my Hannah Girl!!!!



Go Hannah! BTW, loved your 100 list. Now I know that much more about you:0) We have to get together soon. Hope all is well! XOXO

Katie said...

There's something about redheads and the musical Annie!

Anne said...

At least she doesn't call you 'Cruella'! :)

mommyofkgrc said...

too funny. . .if my colin had been a girl he would have been my Hannah. . .thanks for the comment on my blog. . .i'd blogroll you if i knew how. . .sigh. . .but i will be adding your blog to my favorites!!! THANKS

nelly said...

annie was my favourite when i was little! i remember getting the 'record' and singing to it non stop!!