Sunday, July 08, 2007

So The Part Where My Head Explodes!!!

This will be real quick!!!! I woke up Monday of last week with 104.5 fever with the worst headche ever. Dean took me to the Er under advisement of my PCP.

After many tests (spinal tap,) every x ray in the world. They first thought I had a stroke then now possibly some form of mennigitis. Now it's a little bit of both. Needless to say I won't go back to that hostpital again.

I feel like my brain has been fried. Somehow I remembered to write to you all. So I will be at the doctor's a lot this week. If you have my phone number call me because there probaly won't be a lot of internet action this week.


nelly said...

i'm so sorry! i hope you find out what is wrong and that it is just a one off!! will keep you in my prayers!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Oh my gosh girl. I hope you are doing OK and are getting some rest.

I will be thinking of you!!! Please take care of yourself.