Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Somebody Pass Me The Freaking Lemonade!!

Hannah has not been sick all year I don't think. OF course the day before school she has a bad ear infection. So I don't send Hannah to school thinking she needs her rest. You know being in pain and all. Is that Murphy's Law?

Hannah is feeling better I think. I feel bad for her. I hate ear infections with a passion. So she has her first official day at preschool on Thursday with out me.

So I have become really busy . I start teaching this weekend. The 9th graders are really in for it this year. This semester I am teaching about morality! Their going to get a ear full. Sunday I have been recruited to meet and greet at our church with the new member breakfast. We will See how that goes with 2 toddlers at toe.

Is Hannah still considered a toddler? I don't know that one. Do You?

I think that Gracie has reached the terrible 2's. She gives me a hard time about a lot of stuff. I love just observing her. She is great entertainment after a long day. Her personality is really coming out also. She is very loving and rotten at the same time. She has 2 new pharses. "I want"(fill whatever she wants) Then, "I eat otdog" ( the h is silent in Gracie's world". She just cracks me up. The other one I love is "My Mommie".

I have also noticed that Gracie loves to ride in the stroller. I can go anywhere and she is happy riding in the stroller. Gracie calls her blankie her "boppie". So give her, her boppie and binkie and she is happy in the stroller.

Dean is keeping busy with work. Please keep him in your prayers that he gets promoted soon. He has worked very hard the last 2 years.

Things are going well here. I am feeling really good. I started the Lupron and I think it's starting to work. I am not in a lot of pain like I was. So yeah for that. I hope that I am pregnant this time next year.

I will try and keep up with my blogging. If I haven't commented or visited lately. Don't worry I'll be back.

Everybody have a great week!!!

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nelly said...

i'm so glad that you are feeling better these days! and glad to see you blogging again! hannah and gracie both sound like such characters! i can't wait for noah to start talking...hopefully soon! he's at the grunting and pointing stage to show you what he wants!