Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's The Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's going to be a exciting weekend in our house. We are taking Hannah to the State fair this weekend. Hannah is very excited because she loves the Carousel. Well Hannah calls it "the round and round". She is so excited to see the animals. The other night she asked me "do cows take tubbies?" Of course they do Hannah!!! I am really looking forward to this. I just love the look on Hannah's face when she is having fun.

I bought the DVD by Baby Einstein "Baby's Favorite Places" for Gracie. So last night after dinner I took the kids down the basement to play. Hannah was so excited to watch the video. Gracie payed no attention to it but Hannah loved it. The video includes sign langauge in to the DVD. Hannah did a great job with the signing.

So today is "National Dog Day"!!!!!! I am not a dog owner but one day I would like to be. So to all of the dogs out there and their owners. I Salute You!!! Have a great doggie day!!!

So today's question is Who has a dog and what is their name?
So that's it for now check back later for my Grateful list.

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