Sunday, July 23, 2006

Get Me To The Church On Time............Please

The morning started great it really did. We got up at 9:00am I fed the girls and got them dressed for church. They looked beautiful!!! I got myself together in a timely fashion. I was ready on time and was determined to get to church on time.

I packed a bottle for Gracie as I went to retrieve the diaper bag. Oh my gosh ants ants everywhere. I freaked my freak people. I was loosing it I mean saying every bad word there is.

I was cleaning ants out of my diaper bag of the floor. They were making me late for church. Well the swifter really kills those little freaks(insert bad word).

Well I got to church not on time but I got there. I couldn't had done it without the world's best babysitter Nicky. She is great she helped with the kids during church. Did I mention that my husband was at work. That's why she comes with me. Two small children is a hard thing in church. We did it we are a gret team.

In other news this weekend at The Redheaded Mommy household. It was very uneventful.

The party for my father was very fun. Hannah swam for hours and Gracie loved the warm water. Hannah swam for 3 hours. Our heads hit the pillows at bedtime.

Hope everybody had a great weekend.

Enjoy the picture of Hannah and Gracie. Gracie turned 7 months today. I feel like I just had her.


Anne said...

what a pretty photo! It is so difficult catching sisters together but you did a great job!

Erin said...

Is Hannah wearing lipstick? ;) LOL!

Jamie said...

Awwww your girls are just precious! I can't ever get mine to sit still. Kudos to you for getting them to church on time. And yea for the fun party for your dad! :)