Monday, July 10, 2006

All In A Days Work

So I took the girls to church again,it went well very well. I met more people and I am feeling more comfortable. Gracie did her screeching during mass but people thought it was cute. Hannah was so well behaved I was so happy. They served donuts after mass,Hannah was in powdered donut heaven. I got to see my friend Chuck. I really was glad to see him. His sermon was wonderful and he sang part of the mass beautifully. My awesome teeage babysitter came with me. Hannah adores her and Nikki adores Hannah. She was a great help. Nikki's mom came with us too and she even held Gracie for a while.

So then we all went to the Grocery store.Oh,boy was that fun!!!! Gracie was in the baby bjorn and decided to throw up all over me and down her leg. I was so distraught I couldn't find my bank card. Nikki's mom paid for my groceries. I left Gracie's baby Gymbo there and didn't realize it until today. I called the store and thank God it was still there. So I called my husband he laughed at me. Gracie gets all excited about this baby. She screams like a monkey and hugs it,she loves this thing. So Dean is picking it up today.

So when I got home I had a message to call my mother. I called her and she asked if the girls and I would like to meet her and my dad for dinner. Dean was working late, so I took advantage of that and met them for dinner. Hannah just adores my parents and loves all the attention they giver her. The whole way there I heard "go see Memom and Terry". My father won't let the grandchildren call him anything except for Terry. Don't ask why it's a long story. Dinner was just delightful. Hannah was well behaved and being entertained by my father(Terry). My father drew pictures of people and Hannah would name them.Hannah had her usual chicken finger and fries. I had a seafood dish.YUM YUM!!!!!!!!!!! So at the end of the meal Hannah said"Terry I want ice feam. So my father said let go find some. So we took a walk and Hannah had "frocolate ice feam". So she was hyper the whole way home. Gracie slept a lot towards the end.

It was a great day all together. I missed my husband very much. We couldn't wait for him to come home. Hannah just sat in Dean's lap most of the night.

I cleaned some of the house. Rearranged Gracie's room and vacuumed and organized made bottles cleaned the kitchen and the living room.I finally went to bed at 1:00am.Then I couldn't sleep at all. Just when I started to doze Dean would snore. I told him to lay on his side. He actually sat up and told me "I am not snoring". I said what I am making this up.He made me so mad I was ready to sleep on the couch.

So the girls woke up in a very good mood. It was a start of a beautiful day.I am almost done my work day. I can't wait to go home and cuddle with the girls. They make this parenting gig so wonderful.

Have a great rest of your Monday

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