Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Not A Exciting Post

I really am not feeling well today. My side really hurts and I think I am working on a kidney stone. So I am just not in a chipper mood today. Dean is working very late to night so I am on my own on the bedtime thing. Come to think about it I always do the bedtime thing by myself. Only because Hannah won't let anybody else do it. Gracie will only let me feed her at night so I am on my own.

So my plan is to go home give baths get pajamas on including me,put a movie in and call it a night.

One more thing ladies. If you don't already get the Parents Magazine get it this month. Great articles about SIDS and tubes for the ears. I thought this was the best edition that has come out. It's packed full of great info.

Hope everybody has a good day!!!!!

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Anne said...

For some reason the folks at Parents mag send my sister's subscription to my house soI always read it for free before she does. And you are right, this months is a good one!