Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday Tradition

Well it's Wednesday!!!! What does that mean you ask? My husband is working the night shift and I am off tommorrow.

It's seems that I am devloping a traditon at my house. Remember last Wednesday I had some girlfriends over for dinner. Well Anglea is coming over again tonight. She is bringing her baby. I am very excited about this . We are picking a carry out place and having it delivered. We are going to eat and watch a chic movie.Probably girl talk will be involved.

Hannah is at my mother and father's for a couple of days.I already miss her. I pick her up Thursday afternoon. My mom gives all her attention to Hannah and that is Hannah's cup of tea.My father is very excited to have her there.Last night my mom said that all three of them ate cake at 10:00. My mother proclaimed it's a party because Hannah is here. Hannah loves cake!!!! She calls it "pancakes".My mom sleeps in the "big bed" with Hannah. Hannah will have nothing to do with the crib.

My mom is a retired school teacher.It has really come in handy in Hannah's developmental years. Hannah sings her abc's; she can count; she loves to color.Her memory is amazing. Sometimes my dad will let her play in his office upstairs. She pretends that she is on the phone with somebody important. It's really funny how she pretend plays.

My mom will make a feast for her to eat consisting of blueberries,applesauce,brocolli,turkey and anything else she can find. My parents adore her and they are wonderful grandparents. We are very blessed to have them.

So when I get home my mother in-law will be watching Gracie. My MIL is just wonderful with her. She told me it's very quiet.Yeah but it's noisy at my parent's.
Hannah is just to with it for a 2 year old. When she starts talking she keeps going.Oh,I just love that Hannah.

So I am going home to cuddle with my Gracie.

Everybody have a good day!!!!!

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