Friday, June 23, 2006

Gracie Your Six Months

Dearest MaryGrace

Wow six months have gone so quickly. I remember so clearly when Mimi(mommy's friend) said that you had redhair. I couldn't believe it. They pulled you out and Memom said you looked just like me. I didn't get to hold you because they had to put me to sleep because I was in pain. When we got to our room you got to meet your big sister Hannah. She fell in love with you right away. She held you and said Hi Beasie. That was her name for you. Hannah didn't want to let you go. I didn't want them to take you to the nursery. I just wanted to hold you. You were the best Christmas present ever.
Having and Hannah and You was really hard the first week. Daddy was home the first week and he helped a lot. You got better at nursing and loved being close to me.
When you turned three weeks old we got the biggest scare. You had a fever and we had to take you to the hostpital. They did all kinds of tests and the worst was a spinal tap. Mommy and Daddy cried. Mimi was with us and she helped us through this. Mimi is a doctor and she explained everything. They put you on antibiotics to help your infection. Then Mommy and Daddy's friend Fr.Matt came and was ready to annoint you. We didn't what was going to happen. We took you home that night and you did okay. Then next morning we got a call the doctor said to take you back to the hostpital. I was so scared that I called Memom and told her to get on the phone and tell everybody to start praying. The scariest part was when the Nicu nurse said that if we hadn't brought you in when we did you might not be here. Daddy and I were so sad. You and I spent the night in the hostpital and they gave you antibiotics. It was just you and me and we really bonded. All I wanted to do was make you better.You did get better and we took you home. You cried a lot when you would wake up. That's when we discoverd you had reflux. I am so sorry it took so long. You were better the first night with the Zantac.
Now six months later you are the happiest baby I know. You always are smiling even when you are about to got to sleep. You wake up smiling and wiggling. You smile when Daddy or I come in the room. You have a bigger smile when Hannah comes in. You love to be held and talked to. You love to sleep in our bed and cuddle with me. You open your mouth really wide and give slobbery kisses.I think they are the best. You love your binky and your blankie. You take your binky out and stare at it.When your tired you put your blankie over your face and fall asleep. You sleep for hours in your swing. When you see your bottle when it's time to feed you get all excited. You belly laugh when Hannah and I dance in front of you. When daddy looks at you ,you get all excited and smile for him. There are so many things that you do I could go on and on. I love everything about you. You and Hannah have made my life so wonderful. Everyday is something new. I wish you wouldn't grow up so fast. I love you so much MaryGrace. Don't ever change.Just keep being you.

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