Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm Ready To Go Mommy!!!!

Hannah has a new thing she likes to do in the morning. She comes in our bedroom in the morning and says"Mommy I wake up Gracie". So then she goes into Gracie's room and talks to her until she wakes up. Gracie loves Hannah so much that Gracie starts giggling and screaming like a monkey. It's just so cute that they love each other so much.

My adorable husband got the girls dressed and fed them while I got ready for work. I'm telling you he is the best. Hannah needs me to brush her hair. I finish that and she proceeds to my dresser. She wants perfume. So I spray it on her and she is so proud. She says to me,"just like mommy". "Yes Hannah just like mommy". As I turn the fan off she says"I'm ready to go mommy". I laugh because she is so excited to play with her cousins today. Oliva is her cousin and she is 6 weeks younger than Hannah. Hannah calls her (ee-ah),if you understand that. Anyway she is going to be with her other cousins (Issie and Maddie) thats Lizzie and Maddie. She really loves them and is so excited. So she will play all day and there will be no nap.That's okay because she loves her cousins.

So I am at work and will be here all day. If there is anything exciting I will let you all know.

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