Saturday, June 24, 2006

If This Post Makes Any Sense

I just called my husband at work to check in with him. He is picking up the girls at his parents house. He asked me how I was feeling. I told him I am ready to fall over I am so tired. He said,"what happened last night." I said,"I woke up from a dead sleep to see Hannah staring at me." My husband laughed at me or with me I am not sure. Then he said,"I just know that she snuggled with me and I didn't move." I just rolled my eyes because you know he can't see me. So I proceeded to tell when he picks the girls up don't rush home. I am taking a nap as soon as I get home. Considering I live 1.5 miles away from work. I will be home in 5 minutes. Do you think he got the hint don't rush. I hope so because I really need a nap.Besides every mother deserves a nap when their kid's are waking up. I love my girls and I have missed a lot of naps in my day.

I know I am rambling about a nap I am just tired. Oh and it's thundering and lightning here so you can't do anything outside anyway. My mom would say find something to clean. Yeah okay I'll do that after I take my nap. Thank You very much.

Great the power just went out here. Oh I can't wait to get home. I really miss Hannah and Gracie. I can't wait to cuddle.

Dean, I know you are going to read this I love you. I just need a nap.

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