Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dinner With Toddlers

Well everybody left around 8:45pm. It was a fun night!!! No major problems, a little excitement but all the kids had fun. I had fun being with my girlfriends. The Chinese food was really good. Even though my husband is working late I ordered him dinner. He was really happy when I told him. I got the good wife award.

Hannah, my 2 year old had a great time. When I got home tonight there had been no nap. Yes internet no nap for a 2 year old. So after everybody left she fell asleep on my lap. When I carried her upstairs changed her diaper and put on the pj's. I covered her up,she closed her eyes. I thought to myself this is to easy. She didn't have her milk or story time. I shut the light off went downstairs. Not even a minute later I heard crying Mommy Mommy. I picked up Gracie and went upstairs. Guess who wanted to play......... yup that's right Ms. Hannah. So we turned on the music got our books ready. Gracie is to easy she just rolled around the floor and screamed like a monkey. Finally 45 minutes later she calmed down and is asleep. I sat and fed Gracie and put her in her crib. Everybody is asleep.Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what am I going to do now. Get in my bed and read. My favorite thing to do when husband isn't home and kids are sleeping.

I am off tommorrow so I get to sleep in. Ya right I have kids. I love being off because we play and cuddle all day. As Hannah would say,"yeah my mommie home with me." I just love my girls. So what are you doing on Thursday?

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