Friday, December 22, 2006

The Post That Makes Me Sound Like A B*%^*

Dear stupid people at the mall,

All I have to say is Gracie was dressed in pink and red. She had a pink pacifier and
pink blanket. So please explain it to me why people said she was a cute little boy. Does Gracie look like a boy to you? Cause last time I checked she resembles a girl.If you think differently than that's fine. Just don't get offended when I give a glare and walk away.

Thank You,

The Offended Mommy

at least 10 people came up to Gracie and said what a cute little boy I'm not happy.


Anne said...

eh, that used to happen to my girls ALL the time. Unless your baby has a full luxurious head of long hair, everyone assumes you have a boy. It peeved me off at first too. Oh well.

Renee said...

Happened to me too with both girls! People are clueless sometimes.

BlondeMom said...

That happened a lot with Caitlin. She barely had any hair until well past one year. It ticked me off royally! People would say the dumbest things like, "Oh hi there fellow" and she'd be wearing purple or pink. UGH!

Katie said...

Ouch. Must have been too much egg nog or something.