Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Major Happenings Going On In Our House!


Hannah is Starting Hip Hop dance class this Monday. She has a lot of potential and lots of energy. I think she will do awesome. I have been holding off because her asthma has flared up too much lately.

She loves school very much. Hannah has a wonderful teacher. Hannah has a new friend. Seeing them together you would think they had known each other forever. "A" is a sweet outgoing little girl. She is very loving and adores Hannah. They play a lot together outside of school. In fact her friend lives 3 streets up from us. "A's" little sister,"S" is the same age as Gracie. They also play wonderfully well together also.

Hannah is really struggling with asthma right now. Today she was put on Zithromax for bronchitis. She is on allegra,singulair,pulmicort,albuterol,and flonase. That's a lot of meds for a 4&1/2 year old. She handles it really well.

We have been reading chapter books lately. We finished "Boxcar Children and Charlotte's Web. She liked "Boxcar Children" the best. We are starting, The Tales of Uncle Remus. I really she will enjoy them a lot.

Hannah is such a mommy's girl. She loves to cuddle with me during nap time. Or me just holding her makes her day.

The very best thing that Hannah has accomplished this year. She is sleeping in her bed. No waking up in the middle of the night to sleep with us. She does not give me a hard time about going to bed. Let me tell you I never thought we would ever get there.Yeah Hannah!!!!!!!


Gracie is a sweet little girl. She is also a mommy's girl. She is talking so well. She sings so much because it takes no time for her to learn a song. She told me the other night after she kissed Hannah good night. "I happy cause Hannah luff me". How sweet is that?

Gracie for some odd reason loves the movie Camp Rock. I don't know how that got started but we have to watch it every day. Also she loves the show Zack and Cody on the Disney Channel. She is such a good girl. I am so blessed to have a easy toddler.

My Life

Well my life is at the craziest ever. I am still dealing with a lot of pain issues. Dr.M is really doing a great job. He as me on a bunch of different meds to help. There is talk of another surgery. Just not right now.

The worst of all my husband is really sick. It is just horrible. The beginning of October he was admitted to the hospital for perforations of the colon. Not even a week after being discharged he is admitted again for a abscess behind his bladder and colon. He is in a lot of pain. I am not talking about ouch this hurts. I mean curled up in a ball and can't walk. The man is miserable and hating life. Dean has a great surgeon. In fact I have known her for a while. He is in great hands and at a great hospital. In December he will have the diseased part of his colon removed. So please keep him in your prayers.

We plan not to travel this Christmas. Which I am happy about. For the last 6 years all we do is travel to 6 different family members houses. So this year I am going to cook with the girls and take care of the "daddy man".

So that's a little update. I really will try to write more.


nelly said...

i'm glad that things are going well with the girls! they sound so sweet and fun. hip hop dance! wow..i'm impressed. back in our day really it was just ballet, tap and jazz! atleast that is what i did =)

i'm also sorry to hear that you are still dealing with so much pain... and about your hubby. i pray that all goes well for his surgery in december.

Erika said...

Caroline LOVES the Jonas Brothers too but hasn't seen Camp Rock. She has their songs on continuously on our CD player.

Thinking of your family and health this holiday!