Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Little Ball Of Energy

Gracie started Terrific Tots tonight. This class is something I have been wanting to do with her for a long time. She had a great time. She smiled and laughed the whole time. Most important which I was worried she listened to Mrs.Barb the majority of the time.

I had a lot of fun also watching her. Also my best friend Jen was there with her little boy. J is the same age as Gracie. Jen's oldest C is in preschool with Hannah. Our husband's get along great also. We do alot of outings with them. Jen has been a really wonderful friend to me. So doing extra activities with her and the kids makes the week happier.

Gracie is just a amazing 2 year old. I wish I could freeze time and make her stay 2. She has brought such joy to my life. She is such a mommy's girl.

I was reading to Hannah and Gracie tonight before bed. Gracie looks up at me and says,"I love you mommy". I just hugged her and stayed in the moment. She such a sweet little girl. I really am blessed that Hannah and Gracie are loving little girls.

When we were leaving tonight,Hannah was upset that she could not go. Gracie hugged and kissed her and said,"I be back soon Hannah,I love you". They really miss each other when they are separated. It started at a young age. They are really good buddies. I tell them that they are luck to have each other. I tell them also that they should not forget how blessed they are.It's those times that I realize that I am doing a good job with them. Mostly they are good girls with big hearts.I thank God every day for them and the lessons they are teaching me.

I will post pictures next week.

What lessons are you learning from being a mother? Please comment

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