Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Loving Those My Girls And Other Things

Gracie did 2 of the sweetest and smart things of a 2 year old.
1. I was reorganizing the books shelf in the entertainment system. So I went upstairs to find more books. I couldn't find this one book. It was important to me because this book is my favorite and Hannah's. So I gave her the description. "It has a mouse with a big strawberry on it with green leaves". So Gracie was sitting on my bed and she started to get down. "I be back okay" 5 seconds later she came back up and said"ear it is"(Gracie talk). I could not believe it she found the book. I was just baffled. I have never read this book to her and she found it.

2. So tonight I am doing the nightly routine. Books, bottle and change diapers. About 10 minutes later Gracie comes to me and says"I ready for crib " That's her sign that she is really ready. So we go in the family room and say our I love you's. So I said to Gracie"say I love you to Hannah" She points right at Hannah and says "hug". I looked over at my husband and he had the biggest smile. Could she melt my heart anymore. I just thought that was so sweet. She and Hannah were playing so well together today. I got a lot done tonight because of them being very occupied.

Remember I told you about my kitchen table that I am in love with? Well lately I am really working on my kitchen.I am trying to make it all flow together. My parents agreed I need new floors. That has been on the list forever. I just got new curtains to flow with the table. That was major luck let me tell ya. I am going with less is more. So tonight I got a call that my new Baker's rack was being delivered. It is so beautiful!!!!!! So 2 other things have been removed from my kitchen. My biggest dilemma is what color to paint my kitchen. Which I think that will really make the kitchen better.
These are the colors of my curtain. Country blue, forest green,yellow. What do you think?
Erin I really want your opinion on this one. Everybody else please help. me.

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Erin said...

Personally, like blue or yellow in a kitchen... ours is yellow now, and I love it. You have to be careful with that color though because the wrong shade can be atrocious! Make sure you paint a sample part of wall and look at it in ALL lights during throughout the day. ;) Let me know what you went with!